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    Not all eCommerce businesses have enough budget to be spent on their marketing strategies. So, if you are one of such eCommerce businesses, you need to find ways that will help you improve your sales while keeping your marketing spending to a minimal.

    Below, here are some such effective strategies that can be followed by eCommerce businesses to increase their sales while not spending on marketing.

    1. Increase the speed of your website
    Better customer engagement means an increased conversion rate for your business. Optimizing the speed of your website is important when it comes to offering enhanced customer engagement. An optimized website will not ideally take more than 2 seconds to load and this means your customers will not lose their cool when shopping at the online store.

    2. Do proper UI/UX
    Keep your customers engaged in your eCommerce store for a longer time by providing a simple and clean design that showcases all the required features. You will be able to positively influence the buying decision of your customers by offering a good user experience. Right from having an advanced search bar to placing CTAs in the right places, working on your online store UI can help you with better sales.

    3. Put the more searched products on the homepage
    You get to increase the chances of sales at your store by placing the “more searched products” or “most popular products” on the homepage. This way such products will get quick attention while your customers will be saved from the pain of searching for them in your store. Easy access to favourite products for your customers means better chances of sales for you.

    4. Implement omnichannel
    Omnichannel strategy help eCommerce businesses to offer a consistent personalized experience across different channels. It helps in designing a seamless shopping experience for the customers while boosting customer retention rates. In short, eCommerce businesses will be able to boost sales by implementing an omnichannel strategy.

    5. One-click message to stay connected to your customers
    Don’t let your customers forget you. Keep sending some regular messages regarding new product launches, new offers, latest deals, etc. with a single tap to your customers via email, text, or WhatsApp by having a button in the backend. Keeping a regular contact with customers can help you with better conversions.

    6. Mail to abandoned cart users
    Now increase your chances of sales by sending follow-up emails to abandoned cart users. Right from letting them know the new discounted rates to including a coupon code, such follow-up emails work well when it comes to boosting eCommerce conversions.

    When you consult with Mage Monkeys, we will consider your eCommerce store sales as top priority & suggest the necessary technical steps that will help you boost conversions.

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