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    The year has changed, but many stores are still struggling to achieve the desired sales target.
    This article is a catch for them. In this article, we’re going to talk about the points which can help you to improve your eCommerce site’s speed.

    1. Use Lazy Load so your web page will get loaded faster.

    lazy load eCommerce

    2. Use a Reliable & Flexible server so it won’t make your site down or slow.

    3. Reduce numerous HTTP Requests: A site is nothing, but a bundle of numerous data files. Let’s assume that a separate HTTP is required each time for the browser to catch a file from the server. So if the browser continues this behavior and there are numerous HTTP requests then the site will take a long load.

    4. Use PHP Accelerator: This works like magic for a site. It accelerates site speed.

    5. Remove unwanted apps, plugins & clean the non-required part of code from your side. Just like the way you clean your pc or mobile.

    We can go on and talk about numerous points that can help you to improve the site speed. But, if you perform the above five steps then you’ll not only see the improvement in your site speed but also notice the incremental graph in the numbers of orders.

    We suggest you hire an expert technical developer to do the above and other technical tasks such as leveraging CDN, using browser caching, solving redirection issues, and related tech operations.


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