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    Magento 2 is the most powerful eCommerce platform for building your online store. It takes months to set up and prepare with the help of someone who specializes in Magento or eCommerce.

    Though, there are number of problems that everyone faces while working with an eCommerce platform, sometime these problems are complex. It does not mean that if you have not worked with big system like Magento 2 then you cannot solve your issues without an expert.

    1) Installing FTP is Bad

    Do not opt for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) as there is no encryption to make it secure.

    2) Resetting the Magento 2 Admin Password

    Another common problem is forgetting an admin password. You can fix this problem by simply resetting your admin password by using phpMy Admin. Use the below step to reset your password:

    Open Magento 2 database  go to admin_user  Change current password to new Password  Save

    3) Don’t Forget to Create a Contact Page

    It’s really important to have a contact page because this how your customers can reach you anytime they want to. It happens that one can face issue while setting up or customizing their pages so contact page is must.

    4) Choose your Backend Language

    Your backend language plays an important part as it determines the functionality of your backend systems. You need to create the database where you store all your website information and for that you can use backend languages such as Python, PHP and Java.

    5) Compatibility of Magento Versions

    Before you decide an extension for your Magento version, you need to know its compatibility with it. Magento 1 and Magento 2 has separate set of extensions and both the versions are updated frequently.

    6) Clear Cache Memory

    We all want a speedy website and sometimes Magento 2 users come across a situation when they want to perform an update but the front-end pages do not show any update. This is because of the cache to make a point to clear your cache to make the website run faster.

    7) Indexing HTTP and https Versions of Your Website

    When you get the error “One or more indexes are fully invalid” then it means that both indexes are analyzed and the content is being flagged as duplicate content. So have index only for the preferred versions.

    8) Admin Sessions Issues

    Even when you are logged in to Magento 2, you may face an issue regarding session time out. The solution to this problem is to completely log out of Magento 2 and then waits for some time and again log back into the admin panel. This acts like a reset button for the current session.

    9) Magento 2 Running Slow

    Magento 2 is speedy by default but you find it running slow then there are ways to increase the speed like your server and system requirements should be updated and you use the most recent versions. To make your website run faster you need to enable cache, use optimized images and use free extensions.

    10) Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs

    SEO is one of the major components for your website to be seen by search engines.

    You need to enable SEO for URLs by using below steps.

    Go to your admin panel  click on configure click on the web (on the left side of the panel) on SEO tab press yes  save the settings.

    11) Setting Up a Blog in Magento 2

    Magento 2 does not come with the functionality of creating a blog. But, a well written and designed blog can attract more customers to your website. Integrate an extension for the blog so that you can create a blog for your site.

    12) Choosing Bad Extensions

    As an admin, you have to be fully aware of choosing right extensions for your Magento 2 website. A bad extension will increase your cost and can be a real headache as it will lead to configuration and compatibility issues.

    Wrapping up

    We have covered the most common problems as well as how to overcome those issues. If you want your site to run smoothly and speedily then our below tips can help you in avoiding these issues. We at Mage monkeys develop high-quality eCommerce development services to provide you with the best in the industry.

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