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    For a web visitor, shopping online can be little irritating if the process is not designed correctly.

    The checkout page is like a double-edged sword which can either enhance your conversions or scare away the customers to your competitors.

    First, you check out the link and then fill out the registration forms and then you come to know that the product you are looking for is out of stock. For every E-commerce business, the design of the checkout page is very important for it growth. You need a have a website that ensures a smooth user experience with easy navigation.

    There is a reason that 7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned. More than 20 years have passed but still, consumers are wary of providing sensitive information such as credit card details unless a retailer can prove that it is trustworthy and secure. In order to make sure that your customers shop from you it is advisable to buy Rapid SSL Certificate for secure transaction. This Certificate helps in protecting confidential information and encrypts the data transfer over the internet.

    You should optimize your checkout page design at a regular interval to increase your sales. Below are some tips that you should consider while you design your checkout page.

    1. Guest Checkouts

    25.6% of online consumers will abandon your cart if you force them to register first. Guest checkouts are an imperative addition to any online store. Asking them to sign-in will simply lose conversions. Registration requires a level of psychological commitment that many users simply aren’t prepared to make.

    Some websites offer three distinct paths for its online shoppers:

    1. Sign in for current members

    2. Account creation for new visitors

    3. Guest Checkout for anybody that wants to maintain a semblance of anonymity

    A workaround for this problem is a guest checkout option that simplifies the checkout process.

    2. One-Page Checkout

    Multiple checkout pages reflect longer checkout process than the single page checkout and single page checkout works better psychologically as each field is available on one page. There are some benefits of using multiple pages but studies are in the favor of single page checkout.

    3. Easy to Fill Forms

    Too many fields and long forms are a major turn off for shoppers which lead to higher cart abandonment rate. Keep in mind to design a form in such a way that you only ask required information and offer a quick checkout. For returning customers, you can pre-populate the fields with the already available information like address and pin code. Display a validation error by bringing attention to the required fields. Highlight optional fields such as address landmark and alternative contact information.

    4. Keep it Simple and Neat

    Your checkout page should be free of unnecessary elements or distractions. Everyone wishes for the short and fast checkout process. Some tips are mentioned below to minimize the clutter

    • Highlight the compulsory fields using asterisks (*)
    • Latest offers, latest deals, and product categories can distract the customers which can lead to an incomplete purchase.
    • Highlight features like free shipping or easy returns policy.
    • Provide freedom to modify the products in their cart or change the quantity
    • Your form should not be lengthy
    • Show the entire checkout process for example Login -> Delivery Information -> Billing Details -> Review the Order -> Payment -> Confirmation.

    5. Provide Live Chat

    According to a survey, 44% people find a live customer service representative as one of the top features of an online store. Further, 91% users find live chat feature more effective in solving their queries. Some products are such where customers might need technical help so in that case, live chat proves to be of great help in encouraging the customers to finish the purchase.

    6. Display Trust Signals throughout the checkout process

    Every business is run on a pillar of trust and for higher conversion rate optimization for e-commerce sector customer should be given zero risks of the security breach and their information is safe. Customers should be given assurance that if they are not happy with the product then they can return it. Provide a full refund policy to increase sales. Build a strong online presence on social media platforms by interacting with customers and display their product review.

    7. Mobile Friendly Checkout

    Today, more than 50% E-commerce customers use smartphones so an easy checkout process should be provided for faster conversion rate. You can use color contrast for different call-to-action buttons for mobile-friendly navigation. Use a validation coding like set a number keyboard for the fields like phone number and alphabet keyboard for other text-based fields. Pre=populate the fields with information which is already filled in the past.

    Final Word

    All in all, your E-commerce checkout page is the most important part of your online store. You cannot increase sales if you cannot get customers to convert.

    Design a checkout page as convenient as possible. It should be in such a way that customers make a quick purchase without a doubt by eliminating all the possible doubts that may put them in second thoughts. Most important thing ‘its about making it easy’ because after all, the quicker a customer can check out, the happier they will be and the quicker you will close the sale. Hence, design a lightweight checkout page with enhanced mobile pages which makes the checkout a faster.

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