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    How to connect/configure Magento 2 and RabbitMQ?

    Install the RabbitMQ on Ubuntu by using below command.

    Install Magento with RabbitMQ. And connect to Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce.

    Connect RabbitMQ

    If you already had Magento installed and you want to connect it to RabbitMQ, add a queue section in the <install_directory>/app/etc/env.php file

    Then, run bin/magento setup:upgrade to apply the changes & create the required queues in RabbitMQ.

    To enable RabbitMQ:

    Add the required name, type, and disk value (in MB) to the .magento/services.yaml file along with the installed RabbitMQ version.

    Configure the relationships in the .magento.app.yaml file.

    Add, commit, and push your code changes.

    Verify the service relationships.

    Retrieve the RabbitMQ connection details :


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