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How to add email cc field to customer account area in admin panel Magento 2

If you want to send transnational emails for another cc mail to the customer, then follow below steps.

Step 1: Create a registration file like Magemonkey/EmailCC/registration.php

Step 2: Create di file like Magemonkey/EmailCC/etc/di.xml

Step 3: Create module file like Magemonkey/EmailCC/etc/module.xml

Step 4: Create extension attributes file like Magemonkey/EmailCC/etc/extension_attributes.xml

Step 5: Create plugin file like Magemonkey/EmailCC/Plugin/Magento/Framework/Mail/Template/TransportBuilder.php

Step 6: Create a setup file like Magemonkey/EmailCC/Setup/Patch/Data/AddEmailCcCustomerAttribute.php

Step 7: Create layout file like Magemonkey/EmailCC/view/frontend/layout/customer_account_edit.xml

Step 8 : Create template file like Magemonkey/EmailCC/view/frontend/templates/form/mm_emailcc.phtml

Step 9: Then after run the below commands.

That’s it…

Now clean cache and check  “Admin > CUSTOMERS > Customers > All Customers > Edit any customer”. Your new email address cc field option should appear here in the last.

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