We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

The default Magento 2 does not provide Edit and Remove product button in Order summary on the checkout page. But, it provides on Cart page and Mini-cart.

Follow the below instructions to set Edit and Remove product button Order summary on the checkout page.

Override details.html file in your theme


And add below code in this file

<div class="primary">
    <a data-bind="attr: {href: getConfigUrl($parent.item_id),title: $t('Edit item')}" class="action edit">
        <span data-bind="i18n: 'Edit'"></span>
<div class="secondary">
    <a href="#" data-bind="attr: {'data-post': getDataPost($parent.item_id),title: $t('Delete item')}" class="action delete">
        <span data-bind="i18n: 'Remove'"></span>

Override details.js file in your theme


    function (Component,url,customerData,$,ko, _) {
        "use strict";
        return Component.extend({
            defaults: {
                template: 'Magento_Checkout/summary/item/details'
            getValue: function(quoteItem) {
                var itemId = elem.data('cart-item'),
                itemQty = elem.data('item-qty');
                return quoteItem.name;
            getDataPost: function(itemId) { 
                var itemsData = window.checkoutConfig.quoteItemData;
                var obj = {};
                var obj = {
                    data: {}

                itemsData.forEach(function (item) {
                    if(item.item_id == itemId) { 
                        var mainlinkUrl = url.build('checkout/cart/delete/');
                        //var baseUrl = url.build('checkout/cart/');
                        var baseUrl = url.build('checkout/');
                        obj.action = mainlinkUrl;
                        obj.data.id= item.item_id;
                        obj.data.uenc = btoa(baseUrl);
                return JSON.stringify(obj);
            getConfigUrl: function(itemId) { 
                var itemsData = window.checkoutConfig.quoteItemData;
                var configUrl = null;
                var mainlinkUrl = url.build('checkout/cart/configure');
                var linkUrl;
                itemsData.forEach(function (item) {
                    var itm_id = item.item_id;
                    var product_id = item.product.entity_id;
                    if(item.item_id == itemId) { 
                        linkUrl = mainlinkUrl+"/id/"+itm_id+"/product_id/"+product_id;
                if(linkUrl != null) {
                    return linkUrl;
                else {
                    return '';


Then run below commands.

php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
php bin/magento cache:flush

That’s all folks. Hope it worked for you.


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