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    At Mage monkeys, we received an inquiry that read,

    Hello, I’m interested to learn about migrating my Shopify store to Magento. Will it be beneficial? Let’s discuss this over a call. Ring me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

    Our sales team took the technical head to the conference and we explained to the client what we will be doing for them.

    After fetching all technical details from the client. Our tech team did a migration process in such a way that the site didn’t go down. The benefit client achieve after Magento migration were

    Speed improvement: Unlike in Shopify, the source code of the site was handled by our team easily. Our team minimized the programmatic code size along with the media which resulted in a fast site and more order.

    Good SEO Result: The SEO works like a charm after migrating to Magento.
    Our client was losing $500/day due to bad SEO settings! 

    Hosting Options: With Magento, a business is not obligated to stay with hosting that is bundled with the platform. Magento allows an eCommerce store to freely select any hosting company of their choice. It’s been observed many times that Shopify stores go down due to hosting problems which led to a crash in the sales graph. That’s not the case you will face with Magento.

    Add-Ons that helped on saving tech budget.

    No More FEES on EVERY ORDER: Earlier the client used to pay fees on every order which was saved after migrating in Magento. After migration FULL order amount started going into the client’s pocket.

    More functionalities: The client’s store was leveraging more advanced functionalities which were giving ease to their business operations.

    FREE Extensions: The extensions for which the client was paying in Shopify were available as FOC in Magento. That cost was also reduced.

    Apart from the above, the client achieved many other business benefits. Their sales increased like never before. If you also want to increase your sales then leverage the benefits of Magento technology by migrating your store to Magento.


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