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    The real answer is “More than you may think

    A new virus attack is in the news every day, and it is not just Fortune 500 companies being targeted.

    Over 40% of virus attacks focus on small businesses and startups.

    Hope Is Not A Cybersecurity Plan
    Being proactive with cybersecurity protection through penetration testing, phishing training, vulnerability scans and more is the first step to protect your data and business.

    What’s the CONCRETE solution?
    The solution is to make your eCommerce store more secure.

    How you can secure your store?
    You need a security expert. If you think a regular eCommerce developer is enough for you then you’re wrong. Security experts are different compare to developers. They work on that segment of your digital system which is not learned by a developer. You need to consult with an eCommerce security expert who can enhance your store’s security to prevent any digital attack.

    What will this eCommerce security expert do in a nutshell?
    An eCommerce security expert performs a security audit and runs various tests to identify your site’s loophole. Then he codes & upgrades your store with standard security patches. In the demo site, he/she attacks eCommerce stores to find bugs & resolve them as per expertise.

    Where can I find such a security expert?
    There is numerous service provider, but not everyone is certified and expert as needed. Mage Monkeys has an in-house team of security experts who can help you to make your eshop more secure.

    The cost of hiring an eCommerce security expert is lower compare to not hiring. Don’t open your digital store’s gates open for attackers. Hire a security guard for your digital store so you can do business peacefully.



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