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    Today businesses want to build a strong online presence for themselves on the digital market through their eCommerce sites. To achieve this, businesses are now going for effective eCommerce development services on digital platforms such as Magento. The services from Magento development agencies include everything right from template integration, website hosting, extension development, customizing modules of extensions, integrating payment gateway that are safe, etc. to finally deploying and maintaining it. To make all this happen you, in an eCommerce business, need development services for the platform that are affordable and reliable. This is where you should think about opting for a Magento development company from India. Mage Monkeys is a reputed Magento agency based in India that are served different businesses with effective Magento solutions.

    Benefits of choosing a Magento development company from India for your eCommerce business
    There are a few relevant benefits of choosing Magento development company from India and they are-

    India is a pool of talented eCommerce resources
    The enormous talent pool in India makes it the perfect hub for outsourcing your eCommerce development needs. With around 1.3 million students entering the workforce every year, finding the right candidate for your development team will not be a big deal. Mage Monkeys has been able to build up a strong team of Magento developers with immense experience and skills. This helps us to cater to the needs of every client with the same level of professionalism.

    Outsourcing Magento resources/team from India is not only affordable but also flexible compared to other countries
    Compared to other developed countries, you will be able to enjoy low-cost Magento development services from India. Moreover, the flexible hiring models here will help have your Magento team working at your preferred time zones. At Mage Monkeys, we understand that businesses need quality services at affordable rates and we just make it possible. You can easily hire Magento developers at affordable rates on an hourly basis from Mage Monkeys.

    India holds a good number of certified Magento developers.
    As per clutch, 30% of Magento agencies are solely from India. This means you will easily find Magento developers who are capable to fulfil different eCommerce needs here in India. To keep up with the market needs, here at Mage Monkeys we invest in training & Magento certification for our Magento developers. This has helped us build a strong team of certified Magento developers who can work dedicatedly on client projects with ease.
    Choosing a Magento development company from India will help your eCommerce business with-

    Improved search engine visibility
    Search engine visibility has become crucial for businesses these days irrespective of the kind of business you are into and the kind of product or services you are selling. Every business wishes to enjoy a high search engine ranking for their online store. Magento developers at Mage Monkeys have the skills and the knowledge required to carry on with better store optimization. This will help the client business to attract potential customers to their site.

    Advanced branding
    When you choose skilled developers from a reliable Magento development company they will be able to understand the specific needs of the business well. This will help you get the desired design and store layout. It will be done in a way to help you achieve your business goals so that it can attract a large number of customers successfully. Here at Mage Monkeys, our developers stress the need of coming up with outstanding eCommerce stores that will help our clients with branding.

    Multiple store management from a single backend
    With Magento, you can have multiple storefronts for your business. Such storefronts can be easily managed using a single backend. An efficient Magento development company like Mage Monkeys can easily achieve this task for you.

    Easy to manage CMS
    Today content management system plays a very crucial role in eCommerce websites and managing them is extremely important. At Mage Monkeys, we have curated a special team of developers with immense knowledge in the field of offering excellent support.

    How Magento development company in India help with improved ROI and better sales
    The main idea behind investing in a Magento eCommerce store is to bring in more visitors to the store, keep them engaged and convert them to buyers. The more time they will spend on your eCommerce store chances are high that they will buy from you. So, the basic idea should be to optimize your website in a way that it increases the average visitor duration on the store. A reliable Magento development company like Mage Monkeys with the right resources and skills can help you accomplish it by taking care of some key points. They are:

    Having pixel-perfect design
    One of the best ways to keep the visitors engaged on the eCommerce store for a longer duration is by coming up with an organized and pixel-perfect design. At Mage Monkeys, we will create the perfect design for your e-commerce store without going for all the Magento extensions available out there. Our team of Magento developers is cautious to use only the ones that will add value to your business and enhance the user experience. We also ensure to not distract your buyers in the store by using spaces judiciously.

    Faster loading
    The loading speed of your eCommerce site will decide whether your customer will have a better user experience or not. It will not take much time for the buyer to move to another eCommerce store that loads faster and faces no speed issues. At Mage Monkeys, we will ensure your website loads faster and faces no such issues. Apart from that, we also offer a maintenance service that will help you keep your website running smoothly for a longer time.

    Building mobile-responsive store
    The developers at Mage Monkeys will build mobile responsive stores for your business to help have improved sales. With the growing popularity of mobile phones and tablets among people, it is wise to come up with responsive websites that will offer your business a competitive edge in the market.

    Make use of the right extensions
    To improve customer experience, you can customize your Magento store using hundreds of extensions available out there. Such extensions are either free or paid. Mage Monkeys will help you choose the right extensions for your store based on your needs.

    Our Magento developers will help you boost sales and deliver a better customer experience by integrating some of the basic free extensions into your eCommerce store. Some of them are as mentioned below:

    Social login
    Social login is one of the free Magento extensions that will help your customers to reach your store quickly and seamlessly. When you have this extension on your eCommerce store, your customers will be able to log in to your online store through their social media profiles like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others. Such an extension completely removes the headache of the user registration process on the store and lets your customers have an easy signup process.

    Catalog search refinement
    This extension will help your customers to find relevant products based on the search words they use in the search bar. It will conduct a smart search when displaying products. For example, if yours is a clothing line and your customer searches for ‘white tops’ then it will only list down white-colored tops rather than showing all items under ‘tops’ or ‘white’. This will help them complete their purchase process soon, thus increasing sales.

    One step checkout
    We can have this extension integrated into your eCommerce store in case a lengthy checkout process has turned out to be a villain for your eCommerce store. You will be able to decrease the cart abandonment rate to a greater level with this extension. This extension cuts down many of the complicated parts in the checkout process, thus making it simpler.

    Customer reviews and ratings
    The success of an eCommerce store greatly depends on the customer reviews and ratings it gathers. Keeping that in mind we offer to integrate this extension into your eCommerce store and using that you can ask for ratings and reviews from your customers. These reviews and ratings will help your business and its products have better credibility in the market. Your chances of attracting prospects will increase with more positive reviews that you will get.

    This Magento extension will let you stay connected to your customers who are navigating your store and browsing products. This chat extension will help you trigger the right messages based on the behavior of the customers in your store.

    Out of stock notification
    Including the out-of-stock notification extension into your eCommerce store will let you ensure you are not letting down your customers who encountered the unavailability of products at the store. Such an extension will help the business to keep up their inventory, meet customer expectations through product deliveries and meet the changing demands for the product.

    When it comes to developing your eCommerce store on the Magento platform, you should always consider choosing a development company based in India. By choosing a company like Mage Monkeys, you will be able to benefit in terms of the availability of vast resources, extensive knowledge of the eCommerce platform and different development tools, trustworthiness, and promise of timely delivery among others. Their gained expertise from working for different business clients has helped them to come up with the right solution that any eCommerce business in question demands. They don’t just build online stores; they ensure that it brings in profits while delivering customer satisfaction.

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