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    Magento is used by millions of online stores around the world. Its out-of-box features make the entire process smooth. Developers love Magento as it’s an efficient way to manage time particularly when they are using the right Magento 2 hosting environment. Finding a reliable hosting platform for your Magento 2 is not an easy task.

    Our article will help you in finding a reliable and fast Magento 2 hosting provider for your business.

    Did you know?

    With optimized Magento hosting, you can improve your Magento store speed by 200%

    An Unoptimized Magento 2 Hosting will lead to the following issues:

    • Not meeting the minimum requirements for hosting Magento 2.
    • Installation of incompatible PHP version on the server.
    • The server has incompatible Apache or NGINX configurations.
    • Lack of necessary PHP extensions.
    • No regular updates or service on the server’s operating system.
    • The operating system has outdated patches.
    • Enabled incorrect files & folder.
    • Page loading takes time.
    • Issues on a server level.

    What factors should be considered for choosing the right Magento 2 hosting?

    There are a lot of options available that may appear to be a good fit for your store but you need to evaluate your options based on the following factors:

    Server Uptime

    Server uptime does not remain operational 100 percent of the time but having a guarantee of 95% uptime is a good place to start. It makes sure that your Magento 2 store is functioning smoothly and you aren’t missing any of your customers.

    Improved Response Time

    Nobody likes to visit a slow-performing website. Your store conversion rate will increase with the right server as it will give faster response time and it will also build trust among the customer.

    Server position

    The location of your server is very important as ensures better SERP rankings, latency, and performance of your target audience. The close server gives a faster page load and enhanced user experience.

    Customer Support

    Server error can be very frustrating and you might also miss sales and may risk SERP positions if your customer support team is not available to resolve it. Always check that your customer support system is available 24/7 and they have enough skill and knowledge to solve each and every query on time.

    Server Scalability

    Server scalability is one of the important requirements for your Magento 2 stores. it is important during the holiday season when the server will start to crash due to lack of server resources that time sever so always opt for the best Magento 2 hosting solution.

    Cache Technologies

    Always use advanced cache technology to enhance your Magento 2 store performance as it reduces the page load time. Therefore, pick the right Magento 2 hosting solution to get the best performance of your Magento 2 store.

    What Mage Monkeys can do?

    With Magento 2, our team can do eCommerce in a whole new way. Every year Magento comes with new versions and our team always drives to stay up until its levels by offering a robust, e-commerce-compatible, and easy-to-use managed Magento 2 hosting stack.

    Magento 1 is responsive but it was not perfect. Whereas Magento is a purpose-built eCommerce development solution based on HTML and CSS3. Magento 2 comes with some integrated extensions which were absent in Magento 1. You can easily manage product and tax management on Magento 2

    The embedded cache mechanism in Magento 2 makes the store performance-optimized. However, we ensure that your Magento 2 runs blazingly fast.

    Few things about Magento 2.3

    Last year in November Magento 2.3 was released. It has a number of new features, enhancements, and fixes for the core product. The key features of the release are:

    • Multi-Source Inventory (MSI)
    • PWA Studio
    • Page Builder
    • PHP 7.2 Support
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Elasticsearch

    Make a note that your hosting service is managed and that you go for a dedicated server. Ensure that your hosting provider supports Magento 2.0, and look for great customer service, top-notch security, scalability, and a good backup plan. Lastly, ensure that your vendor provides excellent service by opting for agencies with necessary certifications and partnerships.

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