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    Magento is the leading eCommerce platform. Developers love it because it’s open-source which means they can customize it to their heart’s content. As per a recent survey, online business is growing at a faster rate as compared to traditional business. Today everyone wants to start their own business but the biggest question that makes everyone wonder is how long will it take to create an eCommerce website at the outset?

    Honestly, it’s difficult for anyone to make an incredibly accurate estimate as every project is different and unique and so do every client and developer. But let’s say, as per our experience a new Magento store takes 20 to 900 hours of development work. Yes, it’s a pretty good time to know exactly what you want in your store will help you in the entire process.

    You need to break down the project into segments so that it works brilliantly at every step.

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    Initial Interview

    The very first step is to know and understand the client’s requirements and business goals. Here we also tell them about the correct Magento edition and which all plug-ins and extensions will be required. This takes 1 – 2 days to come to finalize everything.

    Magento Installation

    Only after we have identified the software needed, It takes less than 1 to buy, install and perform basic configuration.

    Modules and Plugins

    Once the Magento platform is in place then it will take 1-3 days for the team to purchase necessary modules and plugins for your stores like shipping module, search bar, a blog, payment module, checkout module, and various SEO extensions.

    Custom Module Development

    Custom module development will take at least one day which also depends on the particular requirements.


    If you want a premade theme for your Magento store then it would only take a few hours but creating a custom theme will at least take one month.

    Premade Theme Configuration

    Once the premade theme is sourced then setting it up and its configuration will only take one day.

    Custom HTML Layout

    It will take up to one month to set it up to work with the engines and all plug-ins if your store demands a customized HTML layout.

    Custom Theme Creation

    Custom theme creation and HTML layout will take 3-4 weeks.


    Testing and QA completely depend on the complexity of the website so it can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month.

    Final Settings and Deployment

    When your entire website is ready for launch then it would take 1-2 days to perform final settings and deployment.


    Building a Magento Store from scratch takes a lot of time. Make sure you know exactly what you want in your website before you hire a developer as this will reduce the timelines and confusion.

    So, do you fancy launching your online shop today?

    Our devoted team provides a full scope of Magento development services that you need with launching your website. We are always there to offer consultation and get a new Magento project off the ground.

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