We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.


Technology advancement is facing a downside because of Technological crime. Blackhat hackers can destroy the data or commit a fraud by brutally attacking the websites which contain valuable information. None of the existing E-commerce websites is 100% secured including Magento. A Magento store has the mid-sized and big enterprise which makes it an ideal prey for hackers. For example, multiple failed login attempts are one of the very first signs of this type of crime.

How to improve security?

Magento by default comes with a basic warning system for store owners whenever a break-in attempt is detected; this system is inadequate and susceptible to brutal attacks. It might happen that store admins face such passive situation and they are unable to deal with a security issue. Hence, to prevent unauthorized accesses from hackers and tighten the security for the login process to Magento 2-based online stores, Mage Monkeys security extension is developed. A warning system is provided with the Blacklist/Whitelist filter, Login report and Warning Email system giving store owners peace of mind.

Magento 2 Security Highlight Features

It is important that you should be notified as soon as possible when you are being attacked by consecutive failed logins in the backend. With Mage Monkeys Security you will get a precautionary module that can wake your alert up immediately. Whenever a login from an outlawed IP or excessive failed break-in attempts are detected, login actions will be cautioned, outlined, put in the alert Email and sent to store admins or owners.

Security Checklist

A list of checking will be given on account of store related security points which will enlarge your control ability. Some of the criteria’s are Username, database prefix, Magento version, CAPTCHA test, etc.

In Professional edition store owner can be advised particular guidance on how to fix it thoroughly. Everything won’t be a time-consuming task when comes to the security issue.

Failed Logins Restriction

If a hacker tries to enter into system multiple times by entering wrong passwords/usernames it might not be a simple mistake. These login attempts aren’t perceived to come from store admins and they can be the reason for your worry.

Hence, to prevent this issue a warning system is applied. First, the system will count the number of failed logins and if the number reaches to the maximum then a warning letter will be sent to store owners/admins in every 5 minutes until no failed break-in attempts are found.

Login Record

The 5 latest logins will be recorded automatically and presented on the Dashboard. Conveniently, every time you enter the backend, if there for any are suspicious logins you can check and keep a track of it.

To view more than 5 latest login attempts at the Dashboard, you can go to Login Log and view details of the past logins, such as Login Information (login time, IP, URL and Referral URL Status), Browser Information (browser version, platform,..) By clicking on a name of a login attempt, you will be redirected to its detail login information in the Login Log as well.

Automatic Alert Emails

An automated e-letter flow will print out a report and send it to you and your colleague mail addresses if there are many doubtful attempts made to your store anytime.

IPs restriction

You can protect against brute force attacks by blocking/allowing IP address(es) which is commonly used to manage access permission from a personal computer, or even a particular area. The extension will quickly capture disruptive IPs and handle it to you in the nick of time.

The collections of forbidden IP addresses is said to be Blacklist and authorized IP addresses are called Whitelist. IP addresses can be restricted to a single IP, multiple IPs, a range of IPs or multiple ranges of IPs.

Action Log

Action Log enhances the guarding process by recording activities of each admin such as login, save, delete, flush, etc. further; it also helps you keep track the management from your team carefully.

Furthermore, you can explore more interesting functions in this below list.

Full feature list

  • Able to enable/disable Security module
  • Automatic warning email
  • Restrict the number of failed login attempts
  • Default settings for failed login attempts and allowed duration
  • Blacklist(s) IP to block IP address (es).
  • Restrict the time session of failed login attempts
  • Whitelist(s) IP to allow IP address(es)
  • Able to apply actions to an IP, multiple IPs or range of IP address.
  • Login logs with login detail (ID, Time, Username, IP, Browser Agent, Url, and Status)
  • The most 5 recent logins at the Dashboard
  • Security checklist
  • The last time login of a particular admin.
  • Action log details
  • File changed reports
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