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    As per the recent study, the majority of Magento stores around the world are still deployed over unsupported and outdated PHP version which needs to be upgraded as early as possible to maintain the consistency in security, performance and faster loading time.

    If you own a Magento store running below the version of 7.2, you are sure to miss out on some of the essential improvements in the performance segment and it exposes your Magento store for the higher vulnerability of data, security architecture, and other vital factors.

    So, the main question that triggers our mind is why there is so much of a necessity to update the PHP version, and in what way can it be done with minimal steps?

    As per the Sanguine Security (which is being operated around eCommerce by a household name, particularly Magento security topics – Willem DeGroot), research states that of all the Magento stores, less than 10% are running on one of the supported versions of PHP.

    The above statement came into the fire after it was officially tweeted recently, which resulted in a big debate over the current of PHP within Magento.

    What is the current situation we can observe around us?

    The current stage is only 10% are in the clear” area what had been discussed the same.

    The current statement being released creates a massive potential risk for various vulnerabilities in the darkest state and that merchants must immediately take into consideration.

    As per the recent survey, 90 percent of the Magento stores still run on an outdated version of PHP.

    Why is there too much emphasis on the PHP version?

    PHP version is essential as several websites use this programming language. In simple words – older versions are slowly getting obsolete compared to newer versions that get the latest support as well updates. Besides, the newest version performs better because new programming solutions will be built on the latest releases. With this, there will be a lack of backward compatibility for outdated versions.

    As a whole, your Magento store needs to be updated on the latest versions (bit older versions) of PHP to get the benefits of performance and security to a whole new level.

    Supported PHP versions and Timeframes

    Let’s quickly take a look over the PHP versions and their security updates as well as support available depending upon the versions:

    • 7.3 and 7.4 – fully supported versions
    • 7.2 – under security support until Nov 2020
    • 7.1 – recently discontinued security support (Dec 2019)
    • 7.0 – no support since December 2018
    • 5.6 and older – no support since December 2018

    Still, many Magento store owners use older PHP versions. Why?

    They are using older PHP versions for various reasons like they didn’t do it because they didn’t find it worthy or they were unaware about the older versions being an issue at all.

    Does that bring urgency to upgrade your store to Magento 2 as early as possible?

    Perhaps not just for the sake of relying on the supported version of PHP. There are numerous advantages while you switch over to Magento 2, and for some merchants, this can be overdoing it. Talking on the version side, it’s always better to opt for newer versions of PHP.

    Is it ok now if I am on Magento 2?

    It depends upon the Magento 2 version as you do not get to switch over automatically to supported versions. It is advisable to use Magento 2.3.x versions, which fully support PHP 7.2 version.

    Upgrading to a newer version will not create miracles for your store but stop it from further vulnerabilities. In case you need any assistance contact us anytime to start the process right away.

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