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    In an eCommerce business, you are bound to carry out regular improvements and make constant changes. There is always a need to add in a new feature or tweak the existing one. This happens every now and then. To let these changes happen regularly, you will have to hire a certified Magento developer who can understand your changing needs and come up with solutions quickly.

    This is where an eCommerce development partner like Mage Monkeys can help you. We understand that your business needs to be meticulous about choosing the right Magento developer for your eCommerce store needs.

    Here in this post, we bring to you the right tips that you can follow to choose certified Magento developers for your ongoing eCommerce store project needs.

    They are as mentioned below:

    Agency or freelancer
    You need to understand that there is a limit to the things that the freelancer can do for you. It is not necessary that the freelancer you choose is certified in Magento technology, nor you can be sure about the quality of services they can offer you. Moreover, chances are low that a single Magento developer will not possess all the needed capabilities to complete your project as expected.

    In case you need multiple developers for your ongoing project then managing them all will not be easy if they are all freelancers. It is at this point you should think about hiring an agency like ours.

    Being an entrepreneur, you need time to spend on the core objectives of your business rather than using it all to just manage developers and check the work progress. A good Magento development company will offer you quality work and here everything will be managed by a dedicated project manager who has a team of certified Magento developers capable to handle your business requirements well.

    Team with an experienced project manager
    When you are planning to choose a Magento development team for your ongoing business requirements then you will need to choose a team that is lead by an experienced and skilled project manager (as said above). Mage Monkeys has such kind of strong team of Magento developers that are capable to work for your business needs as and when required. Your developers will be properly led by our project lead. So as the requirements of the projected increase or decrease with time, the project lead will scale up or down the team as and when needed. Again, you will not have to worry about the task of managing the developers on their own as that will be taken care of by our project lead itself.

    The knack to fit in the ongoing project
    Not all developers have the capability to easily understand the current status of your project and quickly fit in and start working. Freelancers generally have the technical knowledge and the experience that they have gained from the projects they have done before. Now in the case of an agency like ours, it is built by a team of certified Magento developers who have years of experience in the field of Magento development and have worked for different industry niches. This makes our developers a better choice for your project. They can easily start working on your project by making needed feature updates, technology upgrades, resolving errors, etc.

    You get what you pay for
    If you are low on budget then you may choose to go for a freelancer to complete your project. However, this does not offer you the guarantee of the high-level technical expertise and experience that you are looking for. They may have worked on a few projects but that does not mean they can offer you the best solution.

    On the other hand, when you hire Magento developer or a team from a Magento agency like ours you can be sure that you will be able to find quality Magento services from developers who are skilled and passionate about what they do. When compared to the expense of hiring freelancers, an agency can seem to be a bit expensive to meet your Magento requirement. However, the quality the developers offer while ensuring the work is completed within the stipulated time is what makes them better from the former option.

    Flexible engagement models
    Different engagement models are offered by Magento development agencies like ours to let our clients choose a certified Magento developer based on their project requirements. They are:
    • Fixed cost
    This is the most common pricing model selected by businesses and developers. Here a contract is signed up between both parties for a fixed amount for completing the project. This is generally chosen when the requirements are predictable and the developers have a clear idea about the resources and time needed for the same.
    • Project-based
    Here you can hire a Magento developer based on the requirement of your business project. The developer can be hired on an hourly basis to match the work scope. This kind of option can be good for mid-sized or bigger projects due to the flexibility it offers the developers and the business in question to adjust their requirements.

    Reliable and timely delivery
    One thing that all businesses look for when hiring certified Magento developers is to confirm whether they can provide your reliable services and that too within the deadline or not. Our Magento development company can assure to offer quality development services for your ongoing requirements without skipping any deadlines. Our team of developers is completely professional and they will ensure your requirements are met properly and as expected.

    Here at Mage Monkeys, our main objective is to help your business enhance its growth and boost revenue by offering affordable and reliable Magento development services. Based on business needs, you can choose to hire Magento developers from us. Our team will work towards letting you offer an improved user experience to your consumers on your eCommerce store, thus bringing in more profits!

    If you are in search of Magento developers who can help you with your ongoing development needs, talk to us!


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