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    With more people spending hours online browsing internet, it can be wise for your business to promote your products or services on the digital platform. Choosing Magento as your development platform and hiring Magento developers can be the best decision you could ever make for such a digital transformation. However, whether to choose a freelancer or a Magento agency can be quite confusing for an organization, especially the one that has no technology as its core business.

    Being in this industry for a long time as a reputed Magento development company, something that Mage Monkeys can say without any doubt is that hiring a development agency can be profitable to your business in many ways compared to hiring freelance developers. An agency is more organized, technically-sound, skilled, and experienced in what they do and this itself is enough to know that they can handle your project in better manner.

    Freelancers can work for you if yours is a small and low-budget project. However, as the project complexity increases you cannot rely on freelancers who have limited technology knowledge and technical skills.

    Choosing a Magento development company like Mage Monkeys can be the best choice you can make compared to hiring freelancers. The same has been explained below through a number of key factors:

    Desired project outcome
    The project’s outcome greatly depends on the Magento developers you choose to handle your project. In case you choose to have a group of freelance Magento developers for the project then chances are high they may lose their direction if you don’t stay in continuous contact with them. Moreover, accountability cannot be completely expected in case things go the wrong way.

    When you choose Magento agency like Mage Monkeys, things will be different. Developers at Mage Monkeys understand that such a project may face difficulties as the development stages progress.

    There can be issues with the designing of the project or in its execution itself. Freelancers may be hesitant to take up the complete responsibility of the project and find solution. However, Magento development company like Mage Monkeys will keep a track of the project progress and each team member is accountable for their part in development.

    We stay put through the development process till its final deployment. This itself ensures that the project outcome will be quite better than what freelancers can offer you.

    Project continuity
    Project continuity and durability of the developers is what makes an agency like ours the best choice. For a number of reasons – professional or personal, the group of freelance Magento developers you hired may not work for you. Now this can also happen in case of your in-house team or Magento dedicated developer team you hired.

    Now the major difference you will see in here is that someone will be there to take care of your project needs when you have an in-house team or a team of dedicated developers that you have hired as compared to when you hire Magento freelancer developer. Dedicated Magento development team like that of Mage Monkeys will keep track of your project progress and will provide you regular updates. They will not leave your project halfway. There will be always someone within the team to take care of your project needs. This way the project will not face any delays and will be completed within the stipulated time frame.

    Business oriented strategy
    By gaining the experience of working on many Magento projects for business clients for a long time, Magento designers and developers have gained proper understanding of how a certified Magento agency like Mage Monkeys work precisely. When operating with a business, Mage Monkeys follow a business-oriented process. They work closely with the clients and keep them in loop throughout each stage of development. This lets the clients have a regular check on their project progress.

    Moreover, when you choose to go for a dedicated team of designers and developers from an agency like Mage Monkeys, you can be sure they will remain committed to your project. This means your project will not suffer if one of the developers falls sick or don’t turn up at work for some other reasons. All the developers will come together as a backup and complete the work within the stipulated period.

    Better turnaround time
    Project turnaround time is one of the key factors that drives a business to choose experienced Magento agency over freelancers. At Mage Monkeys, we are bound to complete project development within the stipulated timeframe. We have enough resources that are skilled to carry out the development as and when needed. In case you have a critical project on hand, we can help you complete it as per your business demands.

    Technical expertise
    When you hire freelancer Magento developer you cannot be sure about whether such a developer is a pro when it comes to exhibiting technical skills. Technology keeps on changing and so it is very important for developers to keep themselves updated. Now in case of freelancers it is a bit of problem for them to update themselves as they are overwhelmed with the different projects on hand at a time. Again, when you hire a freelance developer, you have to completely depend on the talent and skills possessed by that single mind. This limits your project functionalities.

    Now things are quite different when you hire Magento agency like Mage Monkeys. At Mage Monkeys we have a Magento development team of highly talented developers who have access to latest technology. Moreover, our developers have many years of experience in this field and have served clients of different industry niches. This has helped us to learn many things on the way and pick the ones that can prove beneficial for our clients. This means you can expect reliable services by outsourcing your project to us.

    Project privacy and security
    Businesses that hire Magento developer working as a freelancer will not be getting into any legal security step to preserve the data or other crucial information related to the business. This means there is always a risk of data getting leaked. On the other hand, at Mage Monkeys we make it a point to sign an NDA with the client to secure the business-critical data of our theirs as well as of their customers.

    If you have an eCommerce project in hand and need right consultation to go ahead, Mage Monkeys can help you throughout your digital transformation journey. Our team of Magento developers will analyze your business, suggest you a suitable solution and finally form a dedicated team of Magento developers to start working for you!

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