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Generate Invoice for the orders via Cronjob

One of our client came up with a requirement where he adjusted payment type as authorize along with new orders to be placed as processing status.

Our work was to do execute cronjob such a way that it generates an invoice and capture the payment under technical limitation capped by client.

To execute the job we created a cronjob & set it at every minute.

Have a look on step-by-step explaination.

Step 1:  We create a crontab.xml in module at app/code/Magemonkeys/Generateinvoice/etc/crontab.xml and add the following code in the XML.

Step 2: Then, we create an Invoicegenerate.php at app/code/Magemonkeys/Generateinvoice/Cron/Invoicegenerate.php and add the following code in this file.


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