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    You might have seen that the transaction email open rates method is more approachable than any other similar method. Your customers are more likely to open emails regarding event announcements, new product updates, and fresh sales.

    But what is SendGrid?

    SendGrid allows you to send the email via SMTP or HTTP or any other. Companies make use of SendGrid to draft emails regardless of their environment. The company’s official client libraries can be used to send emails. It has been built to serve developers.

    One can easily configure SMTP himself effortlessly. You can follow the below-mentioned steps in order to configure SendGrid SMTP in Magento 2.

    You can configure SendGrid SMTP in Magento 2 in just 3 steps.

    • Step 1: Setup a new SendGrid account
    • Step 2: First download and then install Magento 2 SMTP extension
    • Step 3: Integrate SMTP extension and Magento 2

    Step 1: Setup a new SendGrid account.

    • From the official website, you can sign in to a new account.
    • The technical data is taken from their documentation then you need to note them because you will use them in the later steps
    • Setup an SMTP username and password for your SendGrid credentials to the server hostname to
    • Use port 465 for SSL and 25 or 587 for plain/TLS connections.

    Step 2: First download and then install Magento 2 SMTP extension

    For a better explanation, we have used the Mage monkeys SMTP extension. It a free extension so you don’t have to worry if there is any risk involved.

    Step 3: Integrate SMTP extension and Magento 2

    In the last step, do the following changes in the Admin panel.

    SMTP > Configuration. Expand General Configuration; choose Yes to turn Magemonkeys SMTP. Now do the following steps to complete the SMTP configuration.

    • Select SendGrid in the SMTP provider field.
    • Click on the AutoFill button to enable Host, port, Authentication, and Protocol to automatically fill up the match to SendGrid provider.
    • In the Username and Password field, you have to fill in the SendGrid account’s information which you have set up in Step 1.
    • Lastly, in the Test Email Recipient, you have to enter the email which you want to send.
    • If everything goes well then you will receive a report.

    In this way, we set up SMTP in Magento 2 with the SendGrid provider!

    Now you go ahead and try this amazing SSMTP service that allows you to deliver your email via the company’s servers. If you still failed to integrate, then hire Mage Monkeys for the Magento integration service.

    Fill the form below if you need us to configure your Magento store with SendGrid SMTP.

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