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    Challenges handling Custom Software Solution related to eCommerce Projects and Industry based IoT Project Discussion with Sergei Vandomatski from HQ Software

    We had Sergei Vardomatski, CEO at HQ Software and we discussed the major challenges on the solving custom software development E-commerce project which also includes the IOT based solution.

    Sergei said they work on platform requests by the clients, and majorly focused on Drupal due to its flexibility and can easily handle high traffic and mostly utilized by the enterprise clients. So choosing the right platform depends on the client’s budget and the market.

    Moving forward we have discussed the Software development methodology, Sergei’s team majorly works on Scrum and said scrum allows to have regular and continuous improvement and maintain backlog, and give the advantage of rapid and fast delivery. It is easy to identify what is going wrong and which technical feature should be taken care initially and priorities the tasks

    While taking about the challenges beside the development phase is to get the right talent and skilled team and hire people and spend much time on Staffing, and second most challenge is the clients has a fixed budget or a time frame so to we need to make sure the right team is working on it to satisfy the client’s needs.

    Sergei’s said when we are handling projects in the web world like eCommerce projects it is easier to solve the problem based on the marketplace, but when we handle IoT (Internet of Things) projects, it is related to the Physical world and industry solution and we need to be nearby the location to solve the product related issue.

    We are thankful to Sergei to give us the insights on Software projects, IoT projects, software development practices and what not.

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