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    • How Abandoned Cart Emails Can Boost Your Business

      For an e-commerce business, shopping cart abandonment is the most common and most inevitable scenario. A recent study states that 68.63% of carts are abandoned every year which means that only about 1 in every 4 customers actually finishes their purchase. No…

    • How To Manage Newsletters in Magento 2?

      Newsletters are a great marketing tool. It’s a mass publication about a topic of interest to subscribers. It is considered as one of the most powerful and affordable marketing tools. In general, In Magento 2 you can: Configure Newsletter Templates Send Newsletter…

    • How to Design an Excellent Checkout Page?

      For a web visitor, shopping online can be little irritating if the process is not designed correctly. The checkout page is like a double-edged sword which can either enhance your conversions or scare away the customers to your competitors. First, you check…

    • Error Free Magento ERP Integration

      One of the most complex challenges with E-commerce businesses is managing the integration of E-commerce stores to other systems and here we are talking about Magento ERP. Proper implementation of three things is important first the online store, second ERP software and…

    • Can Magento Handle Very Huge Products Catalog

      Magento store owners with the large product catalog generally raise this question: how many products can Magento actually manage? Today, we will explain the answer by providing practical guidelines. With and without extra optimizations, how many products different versions on Magento can…

    • How To Add Facebook Like Button On Your Magento Store?

      Today many sites you visit have a link to like & share their article, page or product with your Facebook friends. Facebook sharing is increasing day by day to reach the maximum number of people hence this article will it little easier…

    • How To Display Sub Categories On A Category Page In Magento?

      By default, Magento will only display subcategories instead of product on a product listing page which is like an obvious option to have but due to some reason it is not possible unless you are aware. So let’s begin from the top:…

    • How To Update Magento Order Status In Mysql When Order Is Stuck?

      When your order is stuck and you want to update your Magento order status in my SQL then for that you have to create a temporary table called temp with 2 columns, increment_id and status. Fill this table with orders numbers that…

    • Should you opt and install the magento security patch?

      There are very few people who understand the importance of Magento security patch. There are few store owners who are not developers or don’t have an E-commerce digital agency have to perform regular updates or install security patches but still many are…

    • How Popular Is Magento? Facts & Statistics

      Currently, Magento is the most popular Ecommerce platform in the world since its launch in 2008. According to the Magento website, more than 250,000+ online stores domains run on Magento including some of the leading brands like Samsung, Ford, and other well-known…


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