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    Every Magento store owner wishes to appear higher on the search results list. But, how one can achieve that?

    It is quite an easy task that involves a number of steps. The first step is to optimize the site itself to be picked up by search results. You need to have knowledge of how to harness SEO which is easy to master with the basics.

    Before getting into detail, first, let’s understand the term SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) directly refers to any attempts to enhance the standing of a site or other form of online presence in search engine rankings. Here keywords play an important role because Google and other search engines rank sites in the results based on how relevant it finds them to initiate the search. SEO makes the site content optimized in order to increase its ranking in search engines.

    Here we have listed some of the highly effective and simple SEO practices that will enable you to optimize your site for top search engines.

    Let’s get started.


    Always create URLs that do not have any codes attached to them as no codes URLs are much friendlier to SEO. You can also clean already existing codes by eliminating the codes which are attached to the URL. Further to this, while still on the settings menu for SEO, try to find the server URL rewrites and set it to yes. This will remove the index.php from the end of any URL, making them even more SEO-friendly.

    Content is King

    Content is the most important aspect when it comes to SEO. For an optimized online shop, you need to have a product description that is fully informative and does not harm the look of the site. Meta-data is as important as any other kind of SEO so remember to fully fill in.

    Product Images Optimization

    Along with content, you need to optimize pictures and videos are better SEO. These parts of a site are often overlooked but are just as important for search rankings. File names are part of SEO, and so they should be named with care and attention towards the future.

    Titles and Descriptions

    Keeping titles deliberately empty will work best when you do the customization as it will become exactly what has been input before and it will not rely on the parent category. Overall, this will make the individual titles more visible to SEO. The same goes for description, default values in store view allow page title and description to be overwritten which makes the content and description more SEO friendly.

    Keyword Usage

    If Magento site users make use of their own specific keywords then the platform itself inserts their own keywords and these keywords are not optimized for SEO usage. You can edit the keywords via the setting page. Go To configuration -> design -> HTML. Here you can edit the descriptive keywords to better fit with the SEO needs of the site. Make it a point that you always use a proper keyword to name your product.

    Getting Rid Of Duplicate Content

    Duplicate content will harm your website ranking as it will confuse the SEO making it left out of search results entirely. For better optimization, you have to go over all the content on the site multiple times just to ensure that there is no duplicate content or as little as possible. Having the same content means that your website is not SEO optimized.


    Extensions come to the rescue when the Magento site needs some extra features. It is also useful in SEO optimization. Below three are in particular very useful to site owners:

    Internal SEO Linking –To improve search engine rankings, this extension offers free SEO services.

    SEO Pagination –It helps in increasing SEO for each category by bringing search robots to look at pagination issues logically.

    SEO Pack by GPMD –.This extension assigns custom robots to each task by improving on-page SEO.

    Tag Structure

    Tag structures are basically the way in which people navigate the site as tags are part of all content and description. A simple rule, use H1 tags for catalog names in the site and H3 tags for some particular product names. Tags allow the SEO robots, who run searches to understand the importance of what is being tagged.


    Robot.txt is a small text file that is used to find information by search engines and it is active on all websites. The default Magento template does not consist of such file but if a user wants to take advantage of the SEO optimization can create your own file.


    It is very important to be on the first page on search engines as it increases the chances of being seen. Our mentioned tips on moving up your search engine ranking will provide you with some of the ideas surrounding keywords and content optimization.

    Don’t expect overnight results. It will take some time for search engines to show all your hard work has paid off. Just keep optimizing your Magento site and a better result will come.

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