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    The first thing people are going to look at is Your Magento product page. Hence it is sensible to conclude that it should be appealing and informative enough to catch the customer’s interest. If they are not handled properly, then odds can hurt your Magento store sales.

    These are 9 critical tips you should consider for Your Magento Product Page to Convert More Leads.

      1. Start with the Right Titles
        It may sound no brainer for some people but having a concise and unique title is necessary to grab customer attention. Make sure your title is descriptive but keep it under the limit of 65 characters for best SEO practices. It is also advised to avoid brand names in the title unless you are selling a very popular name brand product. If your title is meeting with the above qualification, then customers will indeed land on it during their search.
      2. Don’t Ignore The URL
        The humble product URL is often neglected. If it is used correctly, then it can be beneficial to catch customer attention. Your potential customers are more likely to run a search on Google and click on the URL with a simple, streamlined description. Creating a meaningful product URL is more likely to inspire your potential customer, thus improving your click-through rate.
      3. Pump Up Your Descriptions
        Many eCommerce store owners are just copying and pasting the manufacturer’s product description content. Due to this, many search engines, including Google, will penalize your site because it’ll consider the content as plagiarism. This is the greatest sin you could ever commit as an eCommerce store owner. Unique, concise product descriptions will improve the product to stand out from the pack.
      4. Adding Up Trust Signals
        Adding up trust signals doesn’t only mean the symbols on an eCommerce site that say it’s a secure connection. Although it should have, have that, I’m referring to customer ratings. Things like the price of shipping and how soon the chosen product can be shipped are fantastic ideas to build up that. In addition to that do not ignore the power of a wish list, which allows the online shoppers to save a product for later.
      5. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons
        The “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout” buttons are again extremely crucial for you. Hence, they need to be prominently displayed, in a bright colour like green or red and placed either below or to the right of the product’s image. Do not just create a tiny little hyperlink or hide it in a block of copy. Make them stand loud and clear in the Product page.
      6. Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Clicks
        Our brains process pictures 60,000 times faster than text. Hence it becomes one of the most critical keys to optimizing your Magento product page with high-quality photos. As per one such study, Humans are incredibly visual creatures who transmits 90% of the data to brain purely visual. If you do not include images on your store, you’re losing a considerable battle.
      7. Go Beyond Photos – Add Videos
        If pictures are worth a thousand clicks, videos worth more, a short video featuring the product in action helps your customer to understand the product and its usage. This will lead to converting a more significant number of sales. It was claimed that by adding a video featuring product boost unique visitors to a page by 300% and then keep them there much longer than average.
      8. Make is Simple
        Nobody likes cluttered product pages. Keep the product pages simple, clean and elegant. Product page featuring with the crucial points, necessary information and some visual appeals is only thing online shoppers mostly look at. If your Magento product page is equipped with all these than shoppers can make a buying decision fast and easy.
      9. Load time
        It is needless to say that your Magento product page should load quickly and show the information to customers. Bitter consequences for slow load times would lead to a prospect’s impatience and lack of confidence with your website, which can kill your sale. Thus, it suffices to say that your product page should be responsive enough if it lacks more time than it’s time to reconsider those large images and CSS styles for background and border elements.

    These are the tip of an iceberg which can majorly make or break your Product page and ultimately your website. From creating a meaningful title to using visual appearance on Your Magento product page will prove to fuel new energy in your eCommerce website. Your sales opportunities are only as limited as your imagination and ability to turn these critical steps into precise strategies on your site.


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