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    We have mentioned some of the best strategies to boost your Magento eCommerce store in 2020.

    1. Create Buyer Personas

    The first step is to understand your target buyers. Build your buyer personas by establishing their demographics, expectations, needs, pain points. Though you have been in the business for years, you should start your New Year by looking at your customers with a new perspective. You can create better strategies for sales growth when you have a clear picture of the existing and prospective customers.

    2. Run your store on the Latest Version

    Running your store on the latest platform version is the key to success. If you have planned to begin your store this year then invest in Magento 2 development. It is not only equipped with the latest features but provides support ahead. Magento 1 End Of Life is going to happen this year so if you have your store on the previous version then you need to migrate to Magento 2.

    3. Invest in a Superlative Design

    If you want to make a big impact in 2020 then you have to excel on the visual front. The design of your Magento store is very important. Make your home page interesting by narrating an amazing story with a perfect combination of content and design. You can also use attractive images and videos that have engaging narratives. Place the CTA button contextually so that users can navigate easily. Follow the same pattern on the entire website.

    4. Make Navigation Simple And Intuitive 

    An attractive design is just one aspect of a successful Magento store. You have to give importance to navigation as well. If you want visitors to stay and convert then your store should have a simple and intuitive interface. As eCommerce stores generally have huge catalogs with multiple products, make sure to provide easy search and filter options and also enable easy switch between pages that take the visitor to checkout.

    5. Keep Checkout Process Easy 

    The next important aspect which you should discuss with your Magento development company is to create a checkout process as simple as possible. Any kind of complications or distraction at this point can waste all the good work and visitors will leave the site by abandoning their shopping carts. Check out process should have a lesser number of clicks because a greater number of clicks increase the risk of abandonment so make sure to reduce the information that visitors have to enter and also provide them multiple payment options. Ensure a seamless process with the promise of glitch-free performance.

    6. Responsiveness is The Key 

    If you want to succeed in 2020 then responsiveness is a must in your Magento store. With a mobile-friendly eCommerce store, you will be able to connect with the massive base of mobile customers and also increases your SERP ranking to enhance your store’s visibility which means you get a greater traffic volume that can convert into higher conversions and revenues. Create a responsive store so that it is capable of running smoothly on different devices and screen sizes.

    7. Digital Marketing is the key 

    Apart from designs, you also need to focus on your digital marketing game. Build a comprehensive strategy from SEO to get your website on top of search rankings, to social media marketing to propel your reach across social media, and pay-per-click marketing for quick targeting of the audience. The aim is to reach the audience in every possible way so that the competitors are unable to poach them.

    8. Prioritize Performance and Security

    Never compromise on performance and security if you want your eCommerce store to outshine in the market and surge ahead in the New Year. For the best result, contact Magento Support Service as they will constantly check the performance and security of your Magento store. They will solve any issues at the earliest. You only have to pay a small price considering that it will keep your store running seamlessly and delivering the best experiences to the customers.

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