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    Managing an eCommerce is not an easy task. There are lots of tech problems a merchant faces. Solving them will impact the business management time slot and that will lead to a sales drop.

    Sales drop itself is a crucial signal that your store needs an eCommerce consulting to keep all technical things on track.

    Apart from sales drop, there are below FIVE signals which can notify you to adopt an eCommerce consulting to smoothen your sales & business.

    1. You are not using the LATEST 2.4.3 version of Magento

    Adobe released the latest version 2.4.3 with 400+ fixes. If you’re still using a lower version then your store is having 400+ loopholes. Is that acceptable to you? We bet, it’s not. It’s like using iPhone 4 when the world is using iPhone 13. Using the latest version will always help your store to stay more secure, faster and lead to more sales. Have a tech consultant who can keep you updated with such technological upgrades.

    2. You don’t have a mobile app

    If you’re still not having a mobile app, then you’re losing the sales you could have achieved through an app. If budget is an issue, you could have opted for PWA. The right tech consultant could help you to create an app version of your store and market it to double your sales.

    3. Your store need advanced technical functionalities

    Any eCommerce platform offers limited functionality. You need to customize your store according to your visitor and product sales report. The right consultant can help you with some plugins which can skyrocket your sales and make your site more user-friendly.

    4. Your store has a high bounce rate

    Check through analytics tools & scan through bounce rate. Imagine what will happen if that bounce rate figure will get reduced. Eventually, it will turn to more sales. Yes, that’s correct. An experienced eCommerce consultant knows the drill. He knows what steps can be taken to reduce the bounce rate.

    5. Your store isn’t having good search results

    Google promotes your site FREE via SEO. But, are you leveraging benefits for your all products/categories URLs. If the answer is no, then you need an eCommerce consult who can customize your store in such a way that your site will start achieving good ranks & sales.

    Apart from the above five, there are numerous things such as low conversion rate, low site speed, bugs in the site, security issues with the site, responsiveness, email marketing where an eCommerce consultant can guide you to achieve desirable sales figures. Don’t pause your eCommerce sales & hire an eCommerce consultant today.


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