We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Magento.

As the calendar year is about to end, this is the most profitable time of the year for Ecommerce business. Online sales are going rapidly every year. Web stores are busy with seasonal sales and holiday marketing to increase its profit as Christmas is around the clock. But as the season comes to an end a sudden lapse in customer activity is seen.

This sudden lapse leaves the online seller with one major problem.

How to keep Post-Holiday Sales up as the New Year Begins?

Customers shop a lot during this period so when the sales end they tend to tighten their wallets but this does not mean that online spending stops. With the right planning and strategy, we can effectively inspire sales during this seasonal slump. Below are the 5 strategies for your online store that will help your E-commerce operations flourish after the holiday’s end.

  • Start New Year with PromotionThere is a large market for self-improvement oriented consumer to consider. New marketing opportunities can be made possible by online retailers which have products such as health and wellness. You need to grab your customer’s attention by pulling out New Year’s promotions and offers. You can offer discounts, bonus gifts, vouchers, etc. to give a kick start to your post-holiday sales off strong in the New Year.
  • Stay Connected to your Customer through EmailDon’t excuse yourself from your customer just because the holiday season is coming to an end. Be in touch with them by sending an Email. Run an Email campaign which will connect your customer to your brand. You can increase conversion rate by 50% if you connect with your customer through Email marketing automation. In case if you’re wondering how to do that, give this article a read – https://magemonkeys.com/how-to-manage-newsletters-magento-2/
  • Get them back with Customer Rewards After your customer makes a purchase from your website, then after bring them back with a special reward which is especially for them. Customers love when they get something in return and this will also help in your business. Along with Email campaigns, go for offering discounts to generate more activity with the same customer. Discounted price will always make your products more appealing to them. A post-purchase coupon will encourage customers to come back for future purchase. Hence, customer reviews will help market your products while you provide rewards for a repeat business.
  • Interest them with their recent viewed itemsOnline shoppers go through the number of things and fill their carts with countless items that they never end up buying. This shows that they have an active interest in those items but for some reasons, they don’t purchase. So a gentle reminder after the holiday season ends can easily boost your sales and it can create new opportunities. Create product recommendations based on your customer’s past activity to give impactful messages that in return turn into sales.
  • Sell Holiday Gift CardsWhen a customer buys a gift card for your store or from your store then you have to make an immediate profit but its just the beginning of the benefits holiday gift cards provide. Regardless that gift card you sold is being used or not, you have already made your sale. The best part is the recipient of the gift card will have a reason to your store and do the purchasing. The gift card also helps in increasing brand awareness. There are chances that in future they will visit your store again with a gift card or without a gift card.Boost up your sales with above-mentioned Tactics to bring back your post new year holiday sales.
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