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    Magento store owner comes across so many common errors that are easy to tackle if he is aware of the right processes. Magento site can have some complicated errors to solve;hence if they has solutions documented then he can easily solve the most common problems.

    Below are the most common Magento problems that a developer can face:

    Problem 1 :

    Magento work on a new Domain name

    Let’s say that your Magento is configured with www.abcdomain.com and now you want to change it to another domain name say www.xyzdomain.com


    A: Change the database settings

    Go to the tool that you use to access your database ->Core_config_data then change the first two fields by replacing your old domain with the new one. Click the Go button to save the changes.

    B: Clear Magento Cache

    You need to go to var->cache and clear the folder.

    Problem 2 :

    Change the Admin Password

    If your Magento developer wants to reset admin password then it can be done by using the following chain:


    cPanel ->phpMyAdmin or MySQL Manager, Select your Magento database and find admin_user table.

    Replace your old password with a new password and keep in mind that you insert a password in MD5 function.

    Problem 3 :

    Increase the speed of Magento

    It is important to speed up your magento for better functioning so it is advised to enable Magento Compilation function and then you will see the increase in the page loads by 25% to 50%.


    Go to System -> Tools -> Compilation -> Click on Run Compilation Process.
    Your hosting solution provider is important in deciding the speed of your Magento store so you need to choose a provider which optimized to run a Magento store with smooth performance.

    Problem 4 :

    Disable Compare products functionality

    Compare products functionality can create complication in your store’s user experience more to a small amount of relatively different products. This problem is quiet easy to solve


    Go to Magento root folder and then

    Replace the code

    public function getAddUrl($product){return $this->_getUrl(’catalog/product_compare/add’, $this->_getUrlParams($product));}

    With this code

    public function getAddUrl($product){//return $this->_getUrl(’catalog/product_compare/add’, $this->_getUrlParams($product)); return false;}

    After you have done the above steps then go to your

    /app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/ and open yourcatalog.xml file.

    After this, make sure you clear your Magento cache.

    Problem 5 :

    Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs in Magento

    Search engine friendly URLs are hard for any eCommercestore, else Google and Co. would have recommend your store to browsing customers.


    If you want to enable Search Engine Friendly URLs in Magento then you have to login into your Magento admin page and then go to

    System -> Configuration -> click on Webin left panel.

    You will see blue lines once the page loads, signifying closed options tablets.


    Click on Search Engines Optimization -> turn the ‘Use Web Server Rewrites’ option (Select and mark as ‘Yes’)

    After that, click on ‘Save Config’ button then you will see that your Megento Search Engine friendly URLs will be enabled.

    Problem 6 :

    Redirecting your Magento Site

    For SEO and usability purposes all you need is to redirect your visitor to open your Magento store only through ‘www.’ only for instance www.abcdomain.com


    Open your .htaccess file which is in Magento root in that search for the ‘RewriteEngine’. Now type the following code:

    • RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^abcdomain.com$ [NC]
    • RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.abcdomain.com/$1 [R=301,L]

    Save the changes in your .htaccess file and then login to your Magento admin. Next, go to System -> Configuration -> Web.

    Click on the ‘unsecure’ tab and change the base URL option from http://abcdomain.com to http://www.abcdomain.com.

    After this, click on ‘Save Config’ button to save the changes.

    Now, your Magento Store will be optional with your www.abcdomain.com URL.

    Problem 7 :

    Contact Us form in Magento

    By default Contact us form functionality is included in Magento. This page is usually shown in the footer of Magento store and you can add this form to any page you like.


    Login to Magento Admin go to CMS -> pages and click on new page button

    Use the following code in your new page content field shown in right side:






    Save the change and then you will see a contact form on the page you want.

    Problem 8 :

    Blog in Magento Site

    Adding a blog to your Magento site shouldn’t be a difficult task. It does not come by default in Magento you have to use the custom extension. A blog helps to build a connection with a customer at a personal level. The Blog is used to tell a story behind your Magento store and so we would suggest you to make it a part of your business.


    Search for Magento connect for an extension which suits your needs and your brand.

    Problem 9 :

    Switch Off an Extension Quickly

    This problem arises when you have installed an extension.


    Go to ‘app\etc\modules’, and there you will find XML files.

    Rename the file to switch off an extension.

    For example;you have an extension called xyz_extension.xml.

    Rename it to;xyz_extension.xml.off and then clear the cache immediately.

    Problem 10:

    Add a Custom Users Group

    Use the ‘Customer Groups on the creation page to select the relevant customers’ groups applicable for promotion. You have to enter the specific details and set rules, terms, and conditions.


    In your Magento Admin page go to Customers -> Customer Groups -> Add New Customer Group.

    To set a new discount for your new user group go to Promotions ->Catalog Price Rules -> Add New Rule and click on Save Rule button.

    Every page or websitecomes across its own glitches and errors which can be solved easily if right procedures are followed. Above were some of the common problems that a Magento developer faces. Before you make any changes make sure you know Magento Coding very well.

    If you face any problem in your Magento Store or you think we have missed any error that should be added here then let us know through the comment section below!

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