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    Do you think you have a website with a perfect look is enough for an eCommerce seller?

    Well, the answer is no…

    As a store owner, you need to ensure that the store runs seamlessly all the time. One might think that the monthly maintenance of your Magento website is a tedious task but it will save a lot of money and time in the long run. If you avoid timely maintenance then it may cause serious issues with the website performance and you will also see the loss of sales, revenues, and customers. Hence, in order to ensure that the store is on a top performance level, you have to carry out monthly Magento maintenance check-up.

    To give you a clear picture and understanding, we have listed 8 important steps that summarise the complete monthly Magento website maintenance that you must follow.

    Step 1: Analyse the site’s performance

    Begin with a performance analysis that aims at spotting any potential problems that are existing or may arise in the future. There are tools available such as Google Analytics which enables you to monitor key parameters such as traffic, bounce rates, form submissions, orders, and more. Keep a close on these parameters as it shows the result, for example, a high bounce rate may show issues with speed, content, or spam traffic. Abnormal traffic spikes, the reduction in conversion rates, and a decline in orders are other concerns to watch out for.

    Step 2: Examine site speed

    Site speed plays a significant role in generating more revenue as a super-fast website offers a better user experience. Visitors can seamlessly access the store, view pages, and navigate the site. Whereas a slow loading page will lead to high bounce rates and cart abandonment. Thus, to identify the need for Magento optimization you have to run a speed test so that you can take the requisite action.

    Step 3: Execute security measures

    After speed, comes security, it is another top priority for any eCommerce website. Your monthly maintenance routine must include a security check. Neglecting this step can put user data at risk and it can cause other issues for your business. Besides, Google also gives priority to those sites that are secure and gets them on top of search rankings.

    Step 4: Check on broken links

    Your Magento store can have broken links which can hamper the user experience and lead to cart abandonment. Therefore checking those links should be a part of your maintenance check. Tools like Google and Bing webmaster can make it easy to detect error pages and enable you to fix such pages so that you can provide a smooth user experience to your visitors.

    Step 5: Test forms

    Next is to check the forms that make a part of the selling and marketing process. Checking forms is another key part of maintaining your Magento eCommerce store as forms collect user information, email, addresses, contact details, and leads. So, a minor fault in the process can result in the loss of leads.

    Step 6: Examine the order process

    Your monthly maintenance checklist should include testing of the order process. It is vital to test the entire order process not only monthly but on a regular basis to make sure that every UX is a seamless one. Keep a check on various parameters like product navigation, add-to-cart, checkout, and payment.

    Step 7: Backup is important.

    Always keep a backup of your Magento store because disasters can happen despite the best security measures. An updated backup will rescue your store if there is a hacking attack on the store or a sudden crash. And also, check the backed-up copy as well. Additionally, store information offsite as an extra security measure so that you have something to fall back on in case of an unexpected incident.

    Step 8: Keep updated content on the site

    apart from all the technical aspects, your site should always have fresh content for your visitors. Begin with Magento design; give your site a complete makeover once in a while or at least seasonally. Likewise, a new blog post or fresh content works as a wonder in engaging more visitors and increasing site traffic through SEO. Moreover, you can run a contest or promotional campaign just to give it a fresh look and engaging for the visitors.


    The best way to do this is to know the elements on this list and have an experienced maintenance partner take care of it. Typically, it comprises seemingly small tasks which can make a massive difference when it comes to keeping your online store in good condition. The above points summarize the maintenance of your Magento store to a large extent. To carry out the monthly maintenance of your Magento store smoothly you may require hiring professionals. At Mage Monkeys we cater a complete range of services, right from development to migration, customization, maintenance, support, and more.

    Connect with us and we will help you with your monthly maintenance requirements.


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