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Why to migrate your shopify shop to Magento 2?

Let’s understand the main reasons which you can consider for your eCommerce migration.

  • Popularity

Magento is a licensed platform with a “most popular & widely used eCommerce platform” tag and that is the main reason to migrate to Magento 2, on the other hand, Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform.

  • Tremendously Elastic

Being an open-source platform Magento allows you to do modification as per your specific requirements in its existing features.

  • Advanced Customization Opportunities

Magento 2 lets you set up multiple languages and currencies and also different prices for different customer groups. You can manage different stores from one admin panel.

  • Ownership of Code

In Magento, you will have all ownership of your code which is not available with Shopify.

  • Numerous Third-Party Extensions

Magento is rich in providing third party extensions so you can expand your online stores’ by enabling these extensions

  • Pricing

Magento mainly comes in three editions Magento Commerce (free), Magento Go (hosted), Magento Enterprise (paid). So can select one from these editions as per your budget and specific business needs. In Magento, you won’t be charged for every transaction like Shopify and that’s a big relief.

  • Regular updates from Magento Community

Magento itself is a large community so you can expect new releases in every few months. The latest versions are completely packed with bug fixes, better features, and other improvements. Apart from this, the Magento community gives you extensive technical support.

Magento is the most advanced eCommerce platform having more than 500+ free extensions.

So now you have enough reasons to migrate to Magento 2 from Shopify

How to migrate?

People find the migration process quite confusing especially those who don’t possess any technical skills. But it is not at all tedious or complicated. It also depends on your selection.

We suggest you go for manual migration as the store contains several entities that are very important and you need to do it correctly else you might end up losing your data. The best is to hire Magento developer who will make your data transfer easy. Although this might cost you a little bit be you will have fewer problems with migration accuracy.


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