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    Now a day’s M-commerce is booming and according to a recent survey, there are more than 2.3 Billion Smartphone users across the world hence one cannot deny that we are becoming addictive day by day.

    As the number of internet surfing is increasing at a faster rate lot of companies are investing in the mobile commerce industry. If you want to be part M-commerce industry then there are different platoforms available such as Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, etc. these platform will help you build your Ecommerce store. Among these choices, many Ecommerce businesses prefer Magento 2.

    You May ask Why Magento 2?

    Magento 2 comes with numerous good reasons and below we have mentioned some key facts of Magento 2 to answer your question.

    How do the facts stack up?

    • As per the e-commerce stats, Today 19,336 business websites use Magento 2.
    • Retail apps capture 42% of mobile revenue for the top 500 retailers
    • According to the statistics, in 2021, 53.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce.
    • In 2015, worldwide mobile commerce revenues amounted to 96.34 billion U.S. dollars and are set to surpass 693 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

    Here are some great reasons for you to consider Magento 2 for your Mobile store:

    Great and improved M2 Admin Panel:

    When it comes to the admin panel user-friendliness is the most important aspect. No one will like to mess up with things that are too complicated to get familiar with. User interface which is easy to use is always welcome d by people and Magento 2 has an enhanced admin panel with is very easy for admins to manage the website.

    Increase Your Sales:

    Days are gone when we use to open our laptops and desktops and look for business online. Mobile phone is the first thing we turn it on for any kind of help and these days’ mobile phones generate more sales. According to recent research buyers are 51% more likely to order things from an online retailer having a fully optimized mobile-friendly website.

    To increase their conversions, website owners should update their websites for different mobiles screen to ensure uninterrupted browsing and buying experience. Magento 2 will let you build a mobile app which will help you to boost conversations and increase your overall sales.

    Your Mobile is all in one:

    Magento 2 is fully packed with amazing features which will help you run your business more efficiently. Open source version itself has everything that you need to start your online venture. Here’s what you can look forward to it:

    • Catalog management features
    • SEO functionality
    • Marketing/promotions suite
    • Order management (invoicing, etc.)
    • Site management (CMS functionality, etc.)

    Hence, building your website with Magento 2 will give you accessibly to manage all your Magento websites and functionalities right from your mobile by using an admin extension in your eCommerce store. In short, you will be able to manage all your websites right from your mobile phone.

    Be Google Friendly:

    In April 2015, Google algorithm announced that it gives more preference to mobile-friendly websites in its search engine search results. Besides it also penalizes and lowers the ranking of those websites that are not easy to use on mobile.

    Years back it was cumbersome to create different versions of your website for diversified devices but now with Magento 2 you don’t have to worry about creating a different version of your website for mobile devices. If your website is build with Magento 2 then you can easily target both Ecommerce and M-commerce because it is responsive for any device.

    Painless Checkout:

    If the checkout process in your store is complex then you will have an increasing number of abandoned arts and no one likes abandoned carts. It is neither a good experience for you nor for your customers. This is the most critical step in an eCommerce mobile app and the process becomes quite prolonged and time-consuming if it happens through desktops.

    Magento 2 will let rovide easy and secure checkout for your e-commerce website and when people can buy on their fingertips in a short span of time then it will definitely boost the traffic on your e-store.

    Advanced and Reliable Caching Capabilities

    Caching is a reliable performance parameter for websites, particularly for mobile websites because of the aspect of the unpredictability of mobile connectivity. Magento 2 has some reliable caching capabilities and it also supports Varnish Full Cache, which is very easy to configure and it will help developers to enhance the performance of websites despite the connectivity issues they come face.

    Outstanding Marketing Features:

    • Magento 2 comes jam-packed with advanced marketing features like:
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Optimized Product Category Pages
    • Visual Merchandising
    • Creating Wishlist
    • Sharing an Email
    • Drag and Drop Functionality

    And much more which will help you to take your Magento store to the next level. It also enhances the overall visibility of the website.


    Magento 2 is completely user friendly and simple to get used to. If your user finds it difficult to navigate through your mobile store then he won’t ever return. This means, you lost your customer and no one likes to deal with the complex stuff!

    Magento 2 will make things are quite simple as it comes with its own default themes, but you can also install external third-party themes or get an all-new theme developed as per your creativity. With Magento 2 your customers are easily search the product, add it to cart and perform the checkout without any hassle.


    Today focusing on m-commerce is very important for e-commerce business and Magento 2 is indeed the best choice for mobile commerce for all the reasons it has leverage over Magento 1. The main reason is that it’s user-friendly, fully optimized, comes with much-improved scalability, flexible usability and is extremely productive. With a fully functioning Magento 2 website development for desktop and mobile devices will invite more customers – and help you increase your overall business.

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