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How Translation Mechanism works in Magento 2?

Now it is much easier to configure Magento 2 translation. All thanks to its continous updated dictionaries, the localization and customization of Magento. Moreover it has been enhanced with code coupling and duplication has decreased to improve performance of the translation. All you have to do is to adjust your store with multiple languages for different regions and markets to make the most of this effective feature.

Translation file is located in i18n folder.

This is example of MageMonkeys

CSv file is located at: app/code/Magemonkeys/Osc/i18n/en_US.csv

Let us show you how to translate string from English to other language.

Let’s take an example of translate to es-ES

Namely, we need the following changes: Place Order => Realizar pedido

Now you have to create a new file app/code/Magemonkeys/Osc/i18n/es-ES.csv

Find string Place Order on the second columns and replace with Realizar pedido

After that, you save the save on your server. If you edit it locally, you should upload to your website.

Then Flush Magento cache


Magento 2 has an improved translation mechanism with less abstractions and reduced dependencies. It gives an overall better experience for developer and translator, and also empowers them to create a better user experience than with its predecessor.

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