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    For eCommerce businesses, upselling has proved to be beneficial in increasing average order value and boosting sales. However, businesses fail to generate more revenue through upselling because of the few mistakes they make.

    Here in this article, we will discuss some of such mistakes and the necessary steps that can be taken to avoid them.

    1. Not having an easy upselling process

    Many of the online stores only have product information in the first fold of the product page. Customers go through them and add the product in the cart. This means you are losing your chances for upselling.

    • You can add some similar products targeting upselling opportunities in the first fold.

    Upselling example at Amazon:



    2. Not showing similar product comparisons

    Product comparisons is one of the upselling opportunities that eCommerce stores fail to use properly.


    • Your business has better chances of engaging customers by offering feature comparisons for similar types of products having higher order value.
    • Customers get to check similar products before adding the current one in the cart and go ahead with it if they find the compared product better.


    Product comparison example at Amazon:



    3. Offering highly priced product alternatives

    Many eCommerce stores offer highly priced alternative product options to customers.


    • You need to be realistic with your upselling strategies.
    • You need to set the maximum margin for upselling alternative products.
    • You need to be sure that it is not 50% more priced than the product they are already looking at.


    Upsell example at Best Buy showing a product with little higher price:



    4. Offering poor quality options

    Some online stores display similar types of products but seldom projects its quality to customers to entice them.


    • Add in ratings to the products or mention “Most Searched Products” to the category, etc.


    Marks & Spencer example where related products are listed with star ratings:



    5. Not showing items related to the product

    Sometimes stores display many products that customers skip, as they fail to relate it with the current product they are viewing.


    • Be clear about your product listing for a successful upselling strategy.
    • Choose items that can be used with the product the customer is looking at or ones that customer can choose to go ahead with instead of the current product.


    Miss Selfridge example with related items:




    6. Not investing in combo deals

    Sometimes investing in a single product is not enough, customers needs to buy items related to it to make the product function better.


    • Offer bundled products instead of offering single products.
    • Showcase a group of products for a single discounted price which your customers cannot wait to buy!


    Walmart example with combo deal:



    Upsells are one of the best ways for an eCommerce store to enhance ROI. If you are finding it hard to boost sales at your eCommerce store through upselling, then it is time you partner with Mage Monkeys. Here we have the best team of Magento experts who can help you with effective upselling strategies enough to bring in profits for your business.


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