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    Your Magento store requires constant attention and unbiased maintenance to ensure serving your audience with a flawless experience. Magento support services include different tasks such as design changes, migrating to the latest version, site optimization, installing security updates, third-party integration, and so on.

    In this post, we have a hand-picked list of Magento support service requests and solutions which are useful for every Magento store owner.

    1. Site optimization

    Magento 2 very different from Magento 1. It is customizable and scalable but also has strong challenges and requires efforts for systematic optimization.

    To enhance store performance, we implement some of the best practice, such as:

    • loading ‘above-the-fold’ contents first
    • reducing page size
    • implementation of PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
    • JS bundling
    • Optimizing Time to First Byte (TTFB)
    • capitalizing on HTTP ver.2
    • varnishing for full page caching

    The optimization process also includes Magento catalogs, setup CDN (for faster response time), deleted unused extensions, create Elastic search for quicker search, and more.

    2. Magento 2 migration

    Magento 2 comes with excellent features, bug fixes, and enhancements. Magento 2 migration process includes:

    • checking extensions compatibility
    • getting Magento 2 infrastructure ready
    • initiating the migration steps
    • performing system integration tests
    • getting prepared for go-live
    • turning on Magento 2.x store

    Migrating the store from Magento 1 to 2 or 2.3 needs meticulous planning. It consumes significant time and resources, but the benefits like quick page loading speed, faster catalog performance, more orders processing capabilities, latest security updates, Magento 2 features, etc., are too hard to ignore.

    3. Integrating third-party extensions

    Magento is so flexible and customizable that you can easily integrate your Magento with third-party extensions through extension-based functionality. Third-party extensions are quite common when it comes to Magento support service requests.

    To enhance the online user experience, Magento 2 can be integrated with various third-party extensions that can help you implement cutting-edge smart solutions. When the site uses too many third-party extensions, then there are chances that the website can face some glitches, and performance could drop. Therefore, the very first step after the integration is auditing the website as the developer can resolve the conflicts before adding the next extension.

    4. Implementing security updates

    To keep the site protected and performance intact, you need to avoid any security vulnerabilities. So we periodically check and update the site with the latest security patches officially released by Magento.

    It’s tricky to implement security updates on a heavily modified Magento site. In such a scenario, we keep the original state of the Magento cores and execute the security update outside in such a way that it does not interrupt the core files. After successfully updating security, we install and test the customizations to check if they function correctly.

    5. Integration with ERPs, CRMs, and others

    There are so many crucial tasks involved when you integrate ERPs and CRMs with your Magento. These tasks depend on ERPs such as suppliers, orders, warehouses, product returns, and so on.

    In a nutshell, the most common requests in Magento manage services and supports are Magento performance optimization, installing security patches, third-party integrations, and migration to the latest Magento versions. At times these requests may overlap with each other, and in many cases, security updates, migration, and big fixes are inevitable.


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