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  • Magento 2: How to set load custom font as preload?

    Generally, if you load font as preload, it will load first and it will help to increase site speed. So If you want to add custom font as preload, you need to perform settings as shown below: The first step is to…

  • Magento 2: Set maxlength on street address field on checkout page

    If you want to add maxlength on the checkout street address field then you need to override on file in your theme <vendername>/<theme_name>/Magento_Ui/web/templates/form/element/input.html Make the above file & add the below code inside it [crayon-617147ff4d0b9250370838/] Note: We have tried this in Magento…

  • Magento 2: how to set critical CSS?

    Generally, Critical CSS sets inline in and defer all non-critical styles that are loaded asynchronously. So we can significantly improve the time to first render of site. The ‘critical’ CSS file should be located in app/design/frontend/themevendor/themename/web/css/critical.css After setting critical CSS, you need…

  • Magento 2: Product qty box empty when edit product from cart in product detail page

    If you got the qty box empty when you edit the product from the cart page, please follow the below instruction. You need to override "vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/templates/cart/item/configure/updatecart.phtml" file in your theme <vendername>/<themename>/Magento_Checkout/templates/cart/item/configure/updatecart.phtml then just add below line in value <?= $block->getProductDefaultQty() * 1…

  • add extra field to newsletter subscription module magento2

    The newsletter subscription module in Magento has only one field (email) by default. If you want to add  an extra field to the form (like the name), perform the following steps: Magemonkeys/Newsletter/registration.php [crayon-617147ff4f6b0596570763/] Magemonkeys/Newsletter/etc/module.xml [crayon-617147ff4f6b9841173932/] Magemonkeys/Newsletter/Setup/InstallSchema.php [crayon-617147ff4f6bd078848570/] Magemonkeys/Newsletter/etc/di.xml [crayon-617147ff4f6c2993682036/] Magemonkeys/Newsletter/Controller/Subscriber/NewAction.php [crayon-617147ff4f6c5819725678/] Magemonkeys/Newsletter/view/adminhtml/layout/newsletter_subscriber_block.xml…

  • How to get all the products including out of stock products?

    Let's say if you need to get all the products through the collection with out-of-stock products and send it in JSON format then what will you do? Step 1: Create a front controller GetProducts.php file [crayon-617147ff50e0a872207373/]   Step 2: Create a Data.php…

  • Magento 2: How to change main container max-width using less?

    Generally, you can see luma theme container's max-width is: 1280px So in case, if you wish to change the main container max-width in your theme, Just override _theme.less file in your theme web/css/source/ folder and change max-width in below less variable. You…

  • inventory_stock_1 doesn’t exist – Magento2

    While running [crayon-617147ff54acb403469509/] Above command getting below exception. [crayon-617147ff54ad4346241982/] To overcome the programmatical error, you need to create a view of the inventory_stock_1 table - We did some changes in the database. Here is the command we ran in DB SQL. [crayon-617147ff54ada316386002/]…

  • How to solve “The address failed to save. Verify the address and try again.” error in Magento 2?

    You might get this error “The address failed to save. Verify the address and try again.” If you can see the exception.log displaying the Email Validation failed error, then you can solve this error by doing some PHP settings. If You are…

  • Invalid customer address id at checkout – Magento2

    I focused merely on the solution and I just changed the function validateForCart In vendor/magento/module-quote/Model/QuoteAddressValidator.php file : from : [crayon-617147ff54fa8950161411/] to : [crayon-617147ff54faf780743709/] It worked for me very well. Let me know if this trick helped you too.

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