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    eCommerce business is very sensitive when sales don’t flow in the regular interval. Regular orders are the backbone of every business. But when this flow gets disturbed or delayed, it impacts the business cycle.

    Only marketing & sales aren’t the reason. You should also have a completely healthy digital store.

    We received many inquiries from clients stating they have problems in their stores where customers failed to do checkout and vice versa. When we audit their sites we found other symptoms which are.

    1. High bounce rate – Check the bounce rate of your store from Google analytics. If it’s more than 40% then it’s a SERIOUS alarm.

    2. No/Late Indexing from Google – Are you sure that all your product pages are crawled by Google instantly? The more they got delayed the more sales you will lose.

    3. Slow site – Imagine your customer is at the checkout page and your web page will load slower till the checkout page. The order cycle will get a drop.

    4. Presence of Malware – If there is malware present in your site then it won’t allow your site to run flawlessly, but cause you many technical troubles.

    5. Heavy/Outdated theme – When is the last time you updated your site’s theme? Is your theme light & engaging enough?

    Apart from the above, there are numerous points you should focus on. We suggest you fill the form below and Hire a tech expert who can perform a technical audit on your store.


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