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    Magento issues need some quick fixation so that it does not interfere with business development hence below we have mentioned some major issues which will not come in the way to eCommerce success.

    Conflicts in Magento Extension

    The key benefit of this platform is that you can customize Magento in order to keep up with the business needs. The custom extension will add required features and it might also result in losing a piece of functionality or even fatal errors.

    Here, you might have a question that how many Magento extensions are needed?

    Well, the quality matters the most not the number of extensions. If you have one poorly coded extension then it can damage your store’s malfunctioning. The scope for conflicts increases if more extensions are installed.

    Some rules you need to follow if you want to minimize the risk of an extension conflict:

    • Always remember extension is very important for your store and the functionality never goes out-of-the-box in Magento.
    • Before deploying it in a functional store make sure you install an extension in a testing environment.
    • Entrust extension installation to skilled Magento developers who will review the code properly.
    • To prevent troubleshooting at a later stage, check for conflicts once an extension is installed.

    Magento speed issues

    Speed is one of the most important aspects for Magento store owners and we just can’t ignore this issue. If we are shopping online then we want the website to load in 2 seconds or less and with Magento, you can achieve this.

    By default, Magento is not slow, its operation speeds down because of improper configuration. A small delay in page load translates into a potential customer leaving for a competitor so to increase a page load speed we have mentioned a number of optimization tips:

    • Hardware is a must Magento power cannot be handled by the shared hosting so you need a fully dedicated server or a VPS (virtual private server).
    • Utilize Varnish and Full Page Caching to increase the speed of your Magento website.
    • Enable flat catalog As Magento stores catalog data comes with multiple tables making which is why MySQL queries are long and complex on the other hand flat catalog creates new tables on the fly which reduces query complexity. Due to which catalogs with around 500K+ SKUs can be indexed quickly.
    • Merge CSS and JavaScript files making your web pages lighter.
    • Enable caching reduces the number of database operations required for each page request.
    • Use Optimize images as heavy images take too much time to load
    • Optimize the website for mobile in the era of smartphones you will see a huge amount of traffic in mobile digital media.

    A business owner’s intention to speed up Magento performance is natural but doing so randomly might risk creating more issues than solving them. An experienced Magento developer will always check an online store for speed-slowing factors and efficiently address them.

    Magento security issues

    In 2015, nearly seven thousand Magento stores were under the massive cyber-attack and they all were caused by Guruincsite malware. Hackers focus on the Magento eCommerce website as the site contains customers’ personal and payment information. If a website is compromised in many ways then it may have a negative outcome on both the customer and the merchant. Your customer will suffer from financial loss and identity theft and this will not only keep them away from your online store but also sue it.

    Do not ignore security issues as you might face lawsuits, penalties, and revoked privileges that will harm your reputation. Always make a point to scan your site on regular practices so that your system to fully up to date with security patches.

    Keep your business unaffected from Magento issues:

    Any time an uncertain Magento issue may arise that does not mean you can’t meet your eCommerce requirement. Business owners can prevent these issues or solve them if they take action promptly.

    Below are some fundamental requirements for a flawless Magento store operation:

    • Periodic Magento Maintenance
    • Required Customization
    • Standard security testing
    • Contact Magento expert in case of malfunction

    As we have stated, Merchants should be fully aware of these critical issues in order to prevent them. Perform Magento performance optimization service with the help of experts to overcome Magento issues.

    Fill the form below if you need any kind of Magento consultancy service.

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