Magento Support & Maintenance

Here at Mage Monkeys, our team will test your business website for issues to ensure it is error-free, bug-free and glitch-free. Our team will update your eCommerce store regularly to ensure its efficiency and stability is maintained.

Magento Upgrade Service

Our team will regularly check for new version updates from Magento and include the same into your eCommerce store. This will help to improve the speed of your website and decrease the page load times.

Conversion Optimisation

Our experts will work towards improving the conversion rate at your store by making enhancements in homepage, navigation, checkout page, and product pages. This will help to reduce cart abandonment rates to a greater extend.

eCommerce Consultancy Service

ecommerce consultancy

Due to the fast-growing eCommerce industry and its peculiar characteristics, it is important to have an appealing and easy-to-use site and also should be supported by marketing activities that bring customers to shop. Our eCommerce consultants are experts in the field to provide cutting- edge technology solutions and to transform your business process to leverage the real potential of your businesses.

E-commerce consulting modules

Business Plan & Research:

We work with you to make a plan, so you can take actionable steps towards reaching your goal. Our team will study the market for your unique requirements- the trends, the demographics, what’s in or not. We provide a detailed report containing SWOT analysis and everything else you need to rank your business position and reach your customers on a large scale.

Our eCommerce consultant will come up with innovative eCommerce business ideas that let you differentiate your business from the crowd. For instance, it can be getting a mobile-optimized store if none of the other players in your segment are doing it.

Fact: According to consultancy, 20% of commerce businesses don’t have a transactional mobile website.

What we analyze

Target clients



Roi Target


Legal entity


Logistics & Shipping


Payment gateways


Digital Marketing




Social Media

Operations & Business Process Management:

eCommerce store has multiple channels, vendors, and an inventory, which makes it a little tricky, so our dedicated team will take care of your eCommerce operations from scratch.

We will keep your stock up to date, resolve disputes, and handle returns, track shipment, and everything else that’s needed for smooth customer experience. We also provide integration support for vendors and partners, along with dedicated helpdesk if required.

Our eCommerce operations management takes complete care of your catalog and content. We will ensure that every picture is appealing with well-written descriptions and the correct availability status.

Marketing and Revenue Forecasting:

Figures may vary, on an average, almost 70 percent of eCommerce businesses fail because of a lack of marketing and revenue forecasting. It is essential to analyze consumer behavior and study their shopping habits. Our team of marketing experts will use them as a tool and guide you on where to spend your marketing budget and where to stop.

Our marketing experts smartly use your budget so that you can reach your targeted audience. Small and medium-sized eCommerce stores get 30 percent traffic from search engines, whereas more than 80 percent of users refer to social media recommendations before shopping online. Therefore, we hit the right blend of social media-friendly and bot-friendly marketing to get you the most massive possible audience. Our team believes in conversation and value for money.

Magento Extension Development

Magento Extensions

Choose a company that understands your product lifecycle well to build your Magento eCommerce extensions.

Magento extension is actually a set of functionalities that is integrated with your Magento store to add new functions to it based on your business needs. Just like we use plugins or add-ons, Magento extensions help your Magento store to perform some functionalities on your terms with our Magento extension development service.

Magento Debugging Service
Magento Troubleshooting Services

Errors and issues are always there, you need an expert to fix those and ensure that they do not arise again.

Is your Magento store facing a slow down issue?

Are you in search of a Magento expert who offers a wide range of troubleshooting services at pocket friendly rates?

You can get in touch with Mage Monkeys and get your Magento Debugging done within a specified timeline.

Mage Monkeys includes a team of skilled and certified Magento Developers who have acquired extensive knowledge and experience working exclusively in the field of Magento Development. Our team would resolve the issue and also help to educate you regarding the root cause of the technical problem.

New Store Development

Our experts will build highly responsive and user-friendly eCommerce stores that resonates well with your business idea. Right from consultation to planning, development to testing, our experts will take care of everything.