Toppik Espana

Toppik is the most widely used product to hide hair loss in men and women around the world. We have been working for more than 30 years to give the security they need to men and women.

Toppik is a capillary makeup of organic keratin. The electrostatically charged keratin microfibers adhere perfectly to the hair, acquiring more density and volume with a totally natural appearance immediately, even in areas of special shortage of hair.

Mark Kress, the creator of Toppik, worked from his youth in the world of film and television. The image was increasingly important and Hollywood productions reached all the television stations in the world. However, in a world where the image is so important, Mark Kress began to lose his hair, something that affected him a lot; He no longer felt safe with his image. Mark Kress decided that he would solve the problem in some way. But his search took a turn the day he was told about one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. They told him that John Wayne’s hairdresser, when he cut the actor’s hair, always kept his hair freshly cut in a box to be used again in John Wayne.