Experience in live will give us wisdom, therefore we can use that wisdom to help and improve ourselves and others, so we have hope for the future and can change our direction or even our destiny if that is necessary.

This website is to help everyone , with or without religion , Jews or Christians to understand the truth about money/currencies, about Gold and Silver. It will be an eye opener for most of us. Gold and Silver are inflation proof.
Gold and Silver belongs to God. “ The silver is Mine and the Gold is Mine saith the Lord”
(Bible book; Haggai 2 : 8 ) . Gold and Silver cannot be counterfeited by any man. It is tested by fire ( purified ).

That is what we believe. You will find out that Gold and Silver are the only true form of money established already for thousands of years. All “paper money” will go eventually to ZERO, worthless. We are convinced if we make our decisions on proven facts, it will effect our financial status in a positive way.

See what we reach out on our webpages and build your own financial stability in the future.