Solivr, like perfume, is the conjugation of three notes. The top note, which we perceive first, is that of the olive tree, an ancient symbol of peace, prosperity, strength and hope.

The heart note, the most important because it carries in it the signature of the perfume, is the solidarity, for a greater respect of the man. The most present color of nature, green, is the bottom note, and represents respect for the environment. It is by combining these three values ​​that we obtain the Solivr fragrance! (pronounce Solivere)

We aim for ethical and solidarity-based trade for the development of the economy, respecting traditional knowledge and people. By empowering the consumer, at our level, we participate in the development of disadvantaged populations geographically, economically and socially. It is about building with you, a world of solidarity, by weaving and strengthening links between small producers.