About UberDoors

Here at UberDoors, we are focused on one objective: To create a superior door buying experience for our customers.
We do that by offering:

Selection — We offer an ever-expanding selection of high quality doors and door hardware. Our large selection of doors come in designs to match any style and taste, with an emphasis on quality doors. Beginning with top brands like Krosswood & Therma-tru, and expanding to UberDoors custom doors, we can help you find the doors that will make your house a home.
Customization — Our door finishing team and facility gives us the ability to customize the look of any solid wood door purchase from simple pre-hanging to artisan-level custom finishes.
Expert Help — The UberDoors team has a more than 150 years collective door experience. They are here to help you from start to finish. Don’t know how to measure a door opening? Give us a call. Need help picking the right door or the best finish? Give our experts a call.
Value — UberDoors is able to deliver the highest quality doors on the market at very competitive prices. We can do this because we buy direct from the manufacturers or distributors and we do all of the finishing work in-house. If you were to buy a door through a typical channel, that door will have been bought and sold at least four times before it gets to you. Each of those steps adds to your price.

Are you Contractor or Builder? Consider joining our Contractor/Builder program by emailing to sales@uberdoors.com.


Experience in live will give us wisdom, therefore we can use that wisdom to help and improve ourselves and others, so we have hope for the future and can change our direction or even our destiny if that is necessary.

This website is to help everyone , with or without religion , Jews or Christians to understand the truth about money/currencies, about Gold and Silver. It will be an eye opener for most of us. Gold and Silver are inflation proof.
Gold and Silver belongs to God. “ The silver is Mine and the Gold is Mine saith the Lord”
(Bible book; Haggai 2 : 8 ) . Gold and Silver cannot be counterfeited by any man. It is tested by fire ( purified ).

That is what we believe. You will find out that Gold and Silver are the only true form of money established already for thousands of years. All “paper money” will go eventually to ZERO, worthless. We are convinced if we make our decisions on proven facts, it will effect our financial status in a positive way.

See what we reach out on our webpages and build your own financial stability in the future.


Radmod is an auto parts distributor that services dealers, mechanical garages and body shops. We specialize in cooling system, A/C and fuel delivery parts distribution. We are currently located in a prime area of the industrial park in Lachine, close to several major highways, making our delivery system highly efficient. Radmod initially started off as a radiator shop in 1977. Since then, we have kept our customer base and grown in to a local parts distributor in the greater Montreal area.

With over 40 years of radiator repair and parts experience, we are an established business in the aftermarket industry providing quality service, knowledge and parts. We have continuously extended our product line to give our customers better coverage on automotive and heavy duty parts. With a wider range and variety of products, we are able to service all of the customer’s needs and simplify their ordering process by becoming a one stop shop.


Solivr, like perfume, is the conjugation of three notes. The top note, which we perceive first, is that of the olive tree, an ancient symbol of peace, prosperity, strength and hope.

The heart note, the most important because it carries in it the signature of the perfume, is the solidarity, for a greater respect of the man. The most present color of nature, green, is the bottom note, and represents respect for the environment. It is by combining these three values ​​that we obtain the Solivr fragrance! (pronounce Solivere)

We aim for ethical and solidarity-based trade for the development of the economy, respecting traditional knowledge and people. By empowering the consumer, at our level, we participate in the development of disadvantaged populations geographically, economically and socially. It is about building with you, a world of solidarity, by weaving and strengthening links between small producers.


Registered here in Singapore in 1996 as an alternate store online.
Our customers from Europe, Russia and the USA has grown in spite of ever growing competition worldwide.
By sticking to our intended focus of selling value-for-money watches, we have a strong customer following.

September 2017:
We just moved to our new webstore to keep in line with the strong demand from mobile users.

May take a few more weeks to iron out the teething problem of configuration.
We hope for your patience and understanding while we tweak the system.

Paypal payment is up and working.
Our WorldPay payment option is finally up.

Happy shopping.


A woman owned company . Started in 2004 I Must Garden was formed by a Master Gardener unhappy with the repellents on the market. Having a vast experience using all sorts of products and remedies to keep her garden thriving she knew there was something better. After years of experimenting and testing I Must Garden sprouted. With customer feedback to help us grow we’ve established a thriving business based on customer service, hard work and dedication to fellow gardeners. We believe in truth, honesty and the customer is always right.


HomePhilosophy offers you a wide range of products to help you personalize your home the way you want it. We want to be the source of inspiration that transforms your home into a space that represents you and you look forward to coming back every day.

The online store you are in has been created by a team of enthusiastic people who have designed to turn every house in Romania into a better, more functional and beautiful place. That’s why we are at your disposal whenever you need inspiration or help.

Here you will find a vast selection of furniture, lighting fixtures, home accessories and other items from which you can choose the combinations to represent you at low prices.

The main benefit we offer is that everything you want comes to you in just a few days because all products are already on our stock.

Your home becomes “home” when things are the way you want them. Let’s build your home space together!

House of Hackney

House of Hackney was founded in London. Originally founded as an interiors label, House of Hackney now deals with wide range of product like Wallpaper, upholstery fabric, bed linen, furniture, fine bone china, kitchen and bathroom accessories, lighting, cushions, fashion and more.

Owners of House of Hackney wanted to take the brand from a traditional brick and mortar store to an innovative, well loved brand. They wanted to change their business from one singular store, to online presence.

We created bespoke e-commerce website for their online presence and to increase their reach to larger audience. After that the brand has successfully grown to offer a full portfolio of homewares and fashion products, with an emphasis on quality, designed and Made in England

After the success of the e-commerce, now House of Hackney decided to open a flagship East London store and is also stocked in luxury department and concept stores worldwide.