Thiings is a UK-based home décor store selling antique to contemporary styled products. They have a wide product range that combines of furniture, rugs, paintings, photographs, mirrors, ceramics, decorative items, and patio furniture. The store was launched by a dealer for makers and other dealers out there in the market. The store was launched with the aim to support independent and local businesses. It made it easy for the choosy shoppers to find what they are looking for with ease.


Since its establishment in 1994, EPCO has become a major provider of high-quality PVC & ABS thermoplastic piping. EPCO wanted to increase their reach to the market and decided to revamp their ecommerce website, EPCO approached us to revamp ecommerce portal that facilitate them to make a reach of their product.

Karoe is a leading on stop shop for the hunter, angler and outdoorsman to buy stylish outdoor clothing, articles and shoes. is a dealer of the quality brands like Härkila, Seeland, Sasta, Swedteam and Deerhunter. sale products physically through their branches and with partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia. wants to extend their customer reach through the digitally and decided to sell their products online. having an idea of their need, which wasn’t that big of a deal for our team. We started understanding the loopholes. After having a deep understanding and analysis of the same, the team started exploring the future scope. Once the team had challenges handy, time was to find and implement the solution. We have successfully managed to achieve a full-functional ecommerce site with flawless coding & beautiful theme and delivered as expected by the client. A few key considerations included building a mobile centric design, adding stars to responsiveness and custom work performed for homepage, product categorisation, product listing page, product detail page, single checkout page to enhanced customer experience and dashboard page for getting quick view of the site.

Surplus Industrial Supply

Surplus Industrial Supply has been serving customers for over 25 years. Our goal is to provide customers with quality used equipment, dependable service, and competitive prices. Over the years, we have proven to be a valuable resource to businesses, both large and small, to help liquidate surplus inventories of equipment for cash, as well as to offer a cost-effective source for purchasing electrical, industrial, and material handling supplies and equipment.Our 40,000 sq.ft. the warehouse offers a hugely diversified inventory…from small electrical components to larger manufacturing machinery and industrial equipment.


iMedicale Store was created to become one of the most important online distributors of professional medical products and medical equipment in Romania.

Our company takes into account the needs of our clients and aims to offer them complete services of the best quality:

Distribution of medical supplies, disinfectants and medical equipment for medical offices, medical clinics, hospitals and individuals.
Specialized technical assistance and advice for all commercialized products.
Providing a very wide range of products for each category.

Toppik Espana

Toppik is the most widely used product to hide hair loss in men and women around the world. We have been working for more than 30 years to give the security they need to men and women.

Toppik is a capillary makeup of organic keratin. The electrostatically charged keratin microfibers adhere perfectly to the hair, acquiring more density and volume with a totally natural appearance immediately, even in areas of special shortage of hair.

Mark Kress, the creator of Toppik, worked from his youth in the world of film and television. The image was increasingly important and Hollywood productions reached all the television stations in the world. However, in a world where the image is so important, Mark Kress began to lose his hair, something that affected him a lot; He no longer felt safe with his image. Mark Kress decided that he would solve the problem in some way. But his search took a turn the day he was told about one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. They told him that John Wayne’s hairdresser, when he cut the actor’s hair, always kept his hair freshly cut in a box to be used again in John Wayne.


What if we only focus on the key elements? Each individual piece of the puzzle examined, tested and developed to reveal the full picture, a perfect picture. This is the ethos to which we focus and work. From the skilled chef with razor-sharp knives, to chiffonade herb leaves extracting maximum aroma, to that final delivery text message essential for our canapés delivery door-to-door service…We won’t rest until every detail is handled with perfection and you have received the service you deserve.

Born out of an event catering background delivering first class events and receptions, CanapéBox was created to be the very best party canapés catering and delivery service in London. It was developed in the recognition that our clients were looking for just canapés and finger food without the fuss, expense and risk of engaging traditional caterers.


About UberDoors

Here at UberDoors, we are focused on one objective: To create a superior door buying experience for our customers.
We do that by offering:

Selection — We offer an ever-expanding selection of high quality doors and door hardware. Our large selection of doors come in designs to match any style and taste, with an emphasis on quality doors. Beginning with top brands like Krosswood & Therma-tru, and expanding to UberDoors custom doors, we can help you find the doors that will make your house a home.
Customization — Our door finishing team and facility gives us the ability to customize the look of any solid wood door purchase from simple pre-hanging to artisan-level custom finishes.
Expert Help — The UberDoors team has a more than 150 years collective door experience. They are here to help you from start to finish. Don’t know how to measure a door opening? Give us a call. Need help picking the right door or the best finish? Give our experts a call.
Value — UberDoors is able to deliver the highest quality doors on the market at very competitive prices. We can do this because we buy direct from the manufacturers or distributors and we do all of the finishing work in-house. If you were to buy a door through a typical channel, that door will have been bought and sold at least four times before it gets to you. Each of those steps adds to your price.

Are you Contractor or Builder? Consider joining our Contractor/Builder program by emailing to


Experience in live will give us wisdom, therefore we can use that wisdom to help and improve ourselves and others, so we have hope for the future and can change our direction or even our destiny if that is necessary.

This website is to help everyone , with or without religion , Jews or Christians to understand the truth about money/currencies, about Gold and Silver. It will be an eye opener for most of us. Gold and Silver are inflation proof.
Gold and Silver belongs to God. “ The silver is Mine and the Gold is Mine saith the Lord”
(Bible book; Haggai 2 : 8 ) . Gold and Silver cannot be counterfeited by any man. It is tested by fire ( purified ).

That is what we believe. You will find out that Gold and Silver are the only true form of money established already for thousands of years. All “paper money” will go eventually to ZERO, worthless. We are convinced if we make our decisions on proven facts, it will effect our financial status in a positive way.

See what we reach out on our webpages and build your own financial stability in the future.


Radmod is an auto parts distributor that services dealers, mechanical garages and body shops. We specialize in cooling system, A/C and fuel delivery parts distribution. We are currently located in a prime area of the industrial park in Lachine, close to several major highways, making our delivery system highly efficient. Radmod initially started off as a radiator shop in 1977. Since then, we have kept our customer base and grown in to a local parts distributor in the greater Montreal area.

With over 40 years of radiator repair and parts experience, we are an established business in the aftermarket industry providing quality service, knowledge and parts. We have continuously extended our product line to give our customers better coverage on automotive and heavy duty parts. With a wider range and variety of products, we are able to service all of the customer’s needs and simplify their ordering process by becoming a one stop shop.