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    As per Adobe, direct website traffic is the biggest driver of holiday sales at 25.3 percent.

    You would want to make the most out of such a huge number, isn’t it? But for that, you have to ensure that your store is not only optimized to host this massive traffic. Preparing your eCommerce site for the crush of online visitors is important.

    We have prepared a checklist that Magento store owners should consider employing to ensure a digital holiday season.

    For Digital Storefront

    Secure your Digital Storefront

    Security is the utmost important aspect of online business. Make sure that your site is running on the latest version or patch of Magento Commerce which includes a technical stack and extensions like PHP, ECE Tools, and Fastly.

    For best-possible security posture, you can also use Magento’s Security Scan ahead of the holidays.

    Boost Sales with Your Store Configuration

    Ensure that you are taking advantage of recommended best practices in-store management and this includes pricing, staged content, and price rules.

    Don’t Let Changes Go Unnoticed

    Your Search Engine Optimization can take a step back when your digital store rapidly prepares for holiday sales so make sure your team is taking advantage of recommendations for Magento Commerce site SEO which can be found in our article on Best Magento SEO Practices.

    Optimize for faster site

    Speed plays a crucial part in any well-run digital storefront. Online stores contain images and those lovely images tend to slow down a website’s speed. Therefore, to speed up your site consider image resizing as this will make sure that the site loads as fast as possible. Full Page Caching will also help you in enhancing the speed of your Magento Commerce sites. For a smooth shopping experience, you can use tools like WebPageTest, GTMetrix, or Google PageSpeed Insights.

    Share the Rainbow

    Magento or any other eCommerce store sells a variety of products in terms of colors, size, or any other aspects. Therefore, during holidays showcasing the variety of your store is very crucial. The customers are likely to buy products if they are similar to their preferred pattern or tone. We also suggest that not to make your eCommerce so diverse that your customer gets confused.

    For Cloud Infrastructure

    Update to the Latest ECE-tools Package

    Take advantage of the enhancements delivered in Magento deployment tooling by ensuring that your cloud environment is updated to the latest version of ECE-tools. The recent releases keep on bringing enhancements like improvement in local development experience, speeding up the deployment of static content, or adding self-service capabilities for enhanced productivity.

    Don’t Let Deployment Get You Down

    To provide a seamless shopping experience during the holiday season, you have to configure your project. This way your customer will experience zero downtime during the deployment.

    Back-Up Your eCommerce Site

    When it comes to optimization, backing your data is one of the significant factors to be considered. Data backup will help you in preventing time-consuming roll-backs. For instance, if something goes wrong then a snapshot allows you to restore the backed-up data anytime. As the Magento environment deploys as read-only files, using the Snapshot restoration can bring the environment back quickly

    Monitor Your Performance

    Always keep track of the performance during the optimization process. You can monitor the performance with the help of various project-friendly or even free tools which are available in the market. For a successful holiday run, plan and lay the groundwork.

    In Nutshell

    The store owner needs to drive more customers and sales by optimizing their Magento store during any holiday season. Customers always tend to buy products for which they don’t have to lose their pocket much. Driving more sales during the holiday season is an effective marketing strategy and it will immense growth and success to your brand.

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