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Magento Performance & Speed Optimization Services

When it comes to auditing your Magento store, Magento performance optimization has an essential role to play. Our team of certified experts makes sure to deliver the best results for any service you ask for. We implement fast caching when creating pages to achieve better server responses. Magento
performance optimization helps us to create many possibilities that will help your business engage with an online audience in a better way.

We create immense possibilities for you to engage your online audience with the help of Magento performance optimization services. We take complete care of your eCommerce platform requirements and keep everything aligned with system practices while we optimize the speed of your Magento based eCommerce website.

Magento Performance Optimization Services Includes:

Performing Magento speed test and taking necessary Magento speed optimization steps.

Analysing your Magento 1 & 2 version's extensions to check if one of them is slowing the store.

Analysing your Magento database queries and response time.

Analysing your Magento theme to check the speed of your website.

Analyzing the Magento website for its services and external API calls.

Analysing server settings by tuning server optimization service.

Search for large images and files that might slow your site.

Search for JavaScript errors or files which are not loaded due to access restriction issues.

Magento speed optimization services

Magento speed optimization services

Enable Magento caching

Compress images

Disable unneeded Magento modules

Enable flat catalogs for smaller webshops

W3C compliance

Compress output in general

Configure PHP options

Session storage

MySQL server tuning

Magento Performance Tuning Report

Magento Performance Tuning Report

We’ll not only make a Magento optimisation report but also execute the solutions. Our report will include,Overall overview of your Magento speed optimization status and overall performance optimization

Suggestions for extensions you might need to remove or replace.

We provide Suggestions for extensions that you need to add for better performance optimization

Suggestions for external services which you might need to add to help you speed up your Magento store

Fixes to your theme that should be done in order to optimize it

In case of conflicts, we provide the solution for your site theme files and also for extensions

We make sure to include all the important information which could be useful to increase the speed of your Magento website.

To all our suggestion we add information about their importance and how they could improve your Magento site speed

An estimation of how much time is needed to implement the changes and suggestion included in the report

Why select Mage Monkeys?

Why select Mage Monkeys?

We have offered performance optimization service to 50+ sites.

We’ll not only make the report but also execute with solutions.

Certified developers will work on your project.

We use Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix & other trusted in-house tools to perform speed optimization.

Seamless communication through Phone/Skype/Chat/Email

Works with latest technologies and development resources

Flexible Working Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, there are numerous external tools such as Google PageSpeed insights & GTMetrix. Plus, we have developed some confidential tools through which we check the speed of your Magento 2 store.

Timeline depends on the size of your store. The more number of page will lead to more number of days. We have to review your site to answer it.

Of course, our Magento performance optimization service has one process in which we audit Magento store’s behaviour from mobile user’s end & accordingly we tunes your mobile site.

What Our Happy Clients say about us!

Need of Magento Speed Improvement?

Check your Magento store with Google PageSpeed Insights tool. If score comes below 80, then you should do Magento speed & performance optimization service. At Mage Monkeys, we don’t only improve your page load speed, but also focus on performance on every technical aspects. The result of Magento 2 performance optimization service not only a speedy store, but sales improvement. Don’t delay it up.

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MageMonkeys is an award winning Magento specialised agency having clients across the world. We have experience of more than 18 years in eCommerce industry and have developed more than 500 eCommerce websites.

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