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    Experienced chefs always love to try something new with ingredients in their kitchen to get that one perfect dish. Similarly, in E-commerce merchants struggle to come up with a store in order to provide excellent service. They don’t give up easily and find different ways to build a store which commonly known as A/B testing. This marketing technique is used to increase the conversion rate.

    We read numerous praises all over the internet and thought for a moment that is this method 100% effective or are there any hidden pitfalls which one should know?

    So, to get a clear picture we discussed this with our Magento experts and came up with all the pros and cons which are summarized and analyzed.

    Magento A/B testing boost conversion rate

    Merchants keep on trying different testing methods until they reach their desired result. Also, it is a good way to understand customers buying behaviours.

    Under what circumstance this technique will help?

    1. Doubts in UX design

    Based on their own perception, Merchants can’t come to an accurate reply to the questions like “what is the best colour for call-to-action-buttons? To find customers response, merchants need to try various options and this will also give them a better UX design.

    2. Low conversion rates

    A better result will always improve the conversion rate. The more time a customer spends on your site increases the chance of buying a product.

    3. High shopping cart abandonment rates

    Sellers must take quick measures as they know the fact that 70% of online shoppers abandon the cart at the checkout process. One can use different variants of a subject line, visuals, CTA buttons, length, and content and personalization tactics of an email. Estore owners can achieve better opening and click-through rates that will develop more effective customer communication.

    Retailers may use advanced tools like MailChimp or Remarkety to automate and improve Email marketing in their company and they both offer A/B testing as a part of the functionality.

    Every coin has two sides… so does the A/B testing:

    Till now it’s all good, we mean merchants know what works best for their customers and accordingly they improve their web store but then what are the possible inconveniences:

    • Magento A/B testing is a lengthy process.

    The most important thing about A/B testing is to find out about customer behaviour and to increase the conversion rate. To get a fair result you must test one feature at a time. A typical website has a number of pages types so getting the perfect combination for a customer-friendly experience might take long and if in case you get your desired result then you will be able to start website optimization as an ongoing process.

    • Coincidence can happen.

    In Magento A/B testing it happens that merchants tend to conclude results based on a time limit. For example, you have mentioned the behaviour pattern of a certain percentage of visitors but it does not mean the outcome will same with the whole audience so remember there is always a chance that findings are random.

    • Time frames can lead to the failure of the promotional campaign.

    One cannot define the duration of a testing experiment. And you should also test the promotional campaign as well. One can not only set time frames for playing with different elements like a position and colour of a banner but also they must have time to implement changes while the campaign is still on.

    • Options will make it complicated

    Merchants should take note that they should know what website element ruins their conversion.
    To get the proper result you must take a number of tests so keep in mind to conduct a preliminary analysis of the pages when your potential customers tend to leave not to attempt in the dark and to mention some clarity about A/B testing.


    Magento A/B testing is a unique way to get the real response of customers to website changes before any implementation takes place permanently. We always encourage them to run this test for improved results. A fair picture will give them a chance to develop a smart strategy.

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