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    Magento 2 : Special character in category name issue during CSV import of products

    I have recently faced an issue during CSV import as below.:

    In ‘Categories ‘ column. Category name is like ‘Default Category/Motorola/E Series/Moto E6 (XT2005,XT2005-3,XT2005-5)

    While I am importing this category, it’s creating three categories despite one. Due to comma(,), Magento’s default functionality considers a new category after comma(,).

    It will create categories like :
    1) Moto E6 (XT2005
    2) XT2005-3
    3) XT2005-5)

    To fix the comma issue in categories name follow the below solutions :


    So, by replacing the comma with Html character code, the issue will be fixed and created a category same as expected.

    Let me know if this article is helpful to you.

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