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    Magento 1 Merchants: June 2020 is Not the End. We got you covered.

    With Magento 1’s end-of-life, so many merchants are scrambling for cover. As announced earlier, after June 2020, Magento isn’t releasing new features, security patches, and overhauls for merchants with Magento 1 stores. Basically, there will be no support left for them. As a result, M1 applications might become vulnerable and prone to frequent crashes.

    New features, security patches, updates, and some extensions will continue to release on the latest version of Magento 2 (M2).

    So many merchants are still working on Magento 1 and they have one question in mind?

    What option do I have if I don’t want to upgrade for now?

    Your Option: Introducing Mage Monkeys M1 Support
    We got you covered

    As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the Magento community at this time, we have launched Mage Monkeys M1 Support. So if you have decided to stay on Magento 1 for the time being then we are with you at this time by providing security-focused and all types of technical support that will secure your site against exploits from the point of entry to the backend infrastructure.

    We aren’t suggesting you avoid Magento store upgradation forever. We understand that many of our M1 merchants need more time to make the transition to M2. We will keep giving support to your M1 store and ensure that your site is up and running flawlessly till you want to upgrade to M2.

    Mage Monkeys works closely with the Magento Association, the community, and Magento experts worldwide to develop application security patches and teamed up with our digital agency partners and developers to apply these patches to merchants’ applications.

    Our team is committed to your success. We know how difficult your journey is from working with more than 100+ stores like yours.

    Keep your Magento 1 store operational with our services.

    To learn more about Mage Monkeys M1 Support, write to us at contact@magemonkeys.com or fill the form below.


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