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Magento 1.9 version has problem to send password in emails

While doing programming in Magento 1.9 version, you might deal with the problem that you won’t able to send customer’s passwords to them inside the mail.

Yes, that’s a needed functionality for many clients. But, it’s not smooth go in Magento 1.9 version.

You need to adopt below technical solution.

To send password in an email, you need to,

Open the core file or extend as you like AccountController.php,
Find the function createPostAction() or find

and make a comment before starting of that line as shown in below.

you can make the same change on other places as on line 809, 954

After doing this activity, I’m pretty sure it will able to send the password inside the mail.

Well, there is another method which can be adopted here.

All you need to do it, just open or extend the custom model file

find the function

Then, make it comment by adding

// $this->setData(‘password’, null);

Well,  after the above step, you are done. Hope your problem will get resolved. If not, let us know via comment, we’ll guide you further.

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