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    Magento is a big name in the eCommerce market adopted by numerous store merchants.

    Leveraging all technical benefits from Magento can help your business to achieve a good number of sales.

    But, the question is, are you leveraging all technological benefits?

    You may surprise, but the answer is NO in many cases.

    Latest Magento Trends:

    Magento offers the latest technological trends such as PWA, Headless Commerce, AR/VR, Voice Search, AI, etc. Many eCommerce stores are not utilizing it and missing their power to gear up sales profits.

    Security Updates:

    Not all the Magento store applies security patches regularly. Installing such updates will make your store & more healthy.

    Hosting Problems:

    Many stores have to regularly deal with maintaining and resolve hosting/VPS-related problems. A store can go down due to it which negatively impacts your sales. Many technological solutions are available for the same which can solve your hosting problems.


    50% of stores in the web world are using the same old theme. They generally don’t upgrade the theme which leads to a slow-loading site and that impacts sales.

    Magento Upgrades & Updates:

    Not all the store updates and upgrade Magento store at regular intervals. Upgrading the Magento store to version 2 isn’t enough. You have to keep upgrading your store with every latest version. Approx 65% of Magento stores don’t upgrade to the latest version.

    Data Learning:

    Many store owners are unaware of what products are being searched insight their store. This can be developed through Magento programmer and you can have daily reports of what users searched on your site. If you are able to put the most searched products on the homepage and make sure searched products stay available then the sales will take a positive turn.

    Unnecessary Codes & Plugins:

    It’s been observed while auditing the client’s admin panel that many clients have still installed unnecessary codes and plugins which makes the site slower.

    Apart from the above-listed points, there can be many tech games that can be played to make your Magento store more healthy.

    We at Mage Monkeys have helped our clients to achieve their desired sales.

    If you’re also struggling with sales or have any technical problem with your Magento store then we suggest you consult a Magento expert to leverage all Magento benefits & overcome your technical problems.


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