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Magento 1.X is reaching to the end of life – June 2020

Magento 1.x has been very useful to many eCommerce businesses over the last decade but somehow everything comes with an expiry date. Magento will cease support for eCommerce merchants using its 1.x version after JUNE 2020. So, you need to transition your store to either Magento 2 or a different platform because stores will no longer receive the security updates which are essential for keeping your website safe.

With the chances of only year’s notice before support ends, eCommerce businesses are thinking about various things.

Guidelines for Merchants:
Sometimes merchants may have to decide between the Community and Enterprise versions of Magento as part of an upgrade to Magento 2. To be noted that you need to buy a new Magento 2 extensions and install address frontend designs, migrate data and also address another setup for the complete launch. Magento doesn’t have one single “one-click” upgrade you need to go for various steps due to which many vendors are still not ready for Magento 2 and they also find it costly to opt for and upgrading procedure for the platform is not simple which could take few months to complete.
Magento like any other has its own pros and cons and we have few suggestions that can work as an alternative such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Zoey, Miva, X-Cart, VTEX, PrestaShop, 3dCart, and Shopify&Shopify Plus.

Key Questions answered which are the major concerns of Magento merchants.

When is the correct time to Re-Platform?
You can transition to Magento 2 now but still, the platform is fairly young and many people have reported bugs. Hence, switching now will be little risky and bug issue will impact on your business. So, wait until closer to Magento’s end of life. Mage Monkeys is a trusted Magento agency which can help you to perform Magento migration.

Should merchants continue using Magento 1.x?
No, it has a security updates issue which means that your store can quickly become vulnerable to security breaches, errors and other attacks. You can rely on Magento’s community for security patches but still, no assurance can be provided.

Should merchants worry about Magento 2 issues?
Many extensions are not yet compatible with Magento 2 and extensions are a vital component of most Magento stores so yes it’s a worry and also it has a different interface and layout which you may have to re-train your staff to use thoroughly.

If merchants are interested in the security of their stores and confidentiality of their client’s information then they have to upgrade to Magento 2 stores ASAP.

Want to upgrade your website with latest Magento version?

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