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    Are you aware of the fact that 86 percent of mobile shoppers abandon their shopping carts during the checkout process.

    Today the mobile Ecommerce has become a huge challenge. In a way that it requires a collaborative efforts to overcome which is why Magento excitedly became the sponsors of the mobile Ecommerce Optimization Initiative.

    Below are the results from the Initiative:

    So far, Magento has gathered preliminary merchant data on four of the experiment templates:

    • Security icon placement
    • Credit card autodetect
    • PayPal express checkout
    • Zip code autofill


    Security Icon Placement

    Security is most concern factor for online shoppers because they share their personal and credit card information online. The main aim of this experiment is to determine how the presence of a security icon at checkout will impact mobile conversions.

    With an average lift of over 17 percent, the security icon surely has had a dramatic impact on mobile based revenue per visitor or RPV.

    • Credit Card Auto Detect

    During the online shopping experience if any form of friction occurs like added form fields or checkboxes then it might lead to shopping cart abandonment.

    The Credit Card Auto Detect experiment is to reduce this friction by auto-selecting a customer’s credit card type (Visa vs. Mastercard etc.) based on the first few numbers of the card they enter. This experiment was designed to decrease the number of fields to fill at checkout page and the credit-card auto detect had an RPV lift of 21.53 percent for desktop but a -7.99 percent drop for mobile users.

    With this experiments some merchants had seen a positive lift for mobile so Magento recommends testing it yourself to decide whether it works for you too.

    • PayPal Express Checkout

    Customers doesn’t like to enter the credit card number, expiry date and security code each time they shop online as they want their online sjopping to be fast and easy.

    So, this experiment will let you add an easy-pay options such as PayPal and/or PayPal Credit buttons on your checkout page which will increase a shopper’s likelihood of completing their shopping. You can easily apply the PayPal checkout button at different points in the checkout process. Adding the PayPal shortcut checkout on the Mini cart page provided the largest impact on RPV (with an 8.72 percent lift) without decreasing the average order value.

    Try to place this PayPal checkout buttons more prominently on your site and experiment with different locations to conclude what works best for you.

    • Zip Code Autofill

    Your customers mobile shopping experience might see a additional friction if they are manually entering shipping information every time they shop. The Zip Code Autofill experiment aims to reduce this friction by auto-filling a customer’s city, state, and country fields after their zip code is entered.

    This experiment has some surprising results, for mobile the RPV dropped by 0.88 percent, while the RPV for desktop increased by 3.42 percent.

    The relatively small impact on conversion may be attributed to the fact that shipping information is one of the last steps in the checkout process, where cart abandonment rates are already low.

    This may be a good experiment to try if you see a high shopping cart abandonment near the end of the checkout process.

    Its Time for you to start experimenting

    Magento recommends experimenting with the optimizations which you anticipate will have the biggest impact. And don’t worry if they don’t produce the immediate results you want. The key is to keep experimenting until you find the mix of changes that best work for you and your site.

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